Friday, July 27, 2018

Operation Upside Down: The Final Chapter

It has officially been one year since I started Operation Upside Down.  You can read the latest update HERE.  (For the fun of it, you can also read the most recent flexibility update HERE.)

I am thoroughly enjoying Janet's movement class.  I really love finding new and different ways to move.  I'm not super fluid or sexy or able to dance amazingly.  So its nice to be presented with ways to move that I can actually do.  I will be in her class this week, however, I am then going to be in a Wednesday night women's group for five weeks.  Then it's September and NCPP prep will take over my life.  Then I have surgery in November, which will require a minimum of three months off (I'll do an update about that soon).  So, its not going to leave me much time for pole/dance/lyra/movement, or any upside down stuff in general.  Lunchtime yoga will continue, of course, until surgery.  So that will be my saving grace.

Therefore, this will be my final Operation Upside Down update (unless something amazing happens).  You can always keep an eye on my Confessions fan page on Facebook.  I regularly post videos and photos there. 

Thank you for coming on this upside down journey with me!  I am excited for the next chapter.  I will share more with you soon!

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