Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The habits of successful weight loss surgery patients

Before I had surgery, I was told to buy the book, "The Success Habits of Weight-Loss Surgery Patients" by Colleen M. Cook.  I read it before surgery and again after.  You can check it out on Amazon.com HERE

I'm coming up on seven years out.  I'm battling a little bit of weight gain.  So, it's time to get back to basics.  I just pulled my book out to remind myself of the things I should be doing to remain a successful weight loss surgery patient.  I'm going to list her principles, but not explain them here.  I don't want to improperly plagiarize her book, or cause people not to buy it.  I suggest if you are having surgery or have had surgery that you pick this book up.

Principle 1:  Personal Accountability

Principle 2:  Portion Control

Principle 3:  Nutrition

Principle 4:  Fluid Intake

Principle 5:  Regular Exercise

Principle 6:  Vitamins and Supplements

She also talks about getting back on track and a complication she had six years out.

I know this blog entry contains almost no information...but it's a personal reminder that I can get back on track and still be considered a successful gastric bypass patient.  I'm going to start re-reading this book today.


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  2. My mom thinks that every seven years we go through a major life change. Perhaps you are on the cusp of yours? There has never been any pattern to mine, like at seven I started having a better year than at eight, or fourteen, but I think it takes us so long sometimes to see what we are doing, that might be how long it takes us to re-evaluate our path. Every 7th year (for me) I try to look at where I am, what I'm doing, and make a conscious decision to work towards a goal, pay a bill, complete a project, whatever. I know that at fourteen I was the happiest I had ever been, the thinnest I had felt, I was starting High School in a city where no one knew me, it was a whole new me. At twenty, I went through a bit of depression, and decided at 21 that it was time to revamp myself. It wasn't until I was almost 28 that my mom told me about this seven-year thing. I decided I look forward to my every-seven-year re-vamp! When things start getting crappy I think, "hmmm, what will next 'season's' Heidi be?" I am always the same, but always changing. That's the greatest part about being human!!! There is always a part of us that stays the same, but we have the power to make ourselves "different" just by thinking it!!! You have already made yourself something different, you are finding power and strength in yourself. Not just in the sense that you are trying to overcome the battle of a weight issue, but of your own self-confidence, self-worth. You have become inspirational to some of us, and you are a driving force to help others. It's those little things that chance us, make us super hero's. You are not one of those girls that puts things out there for your own self-gratification. I don't see you post things asking for valuation. That's why I think you are a super hero, you are going about your life to find the things that make you happy, and have helped others in the process. We can all tell you that you are great, but what we are also saying is "keep up the good work!"

  3. HOLY CRAP!! I will be 35 this year so maybe I AM on a 7 year schedule!! That's crazy!! And awesome. I hope the next 7 years will be great!

    And thank you so much. I think there's enough room for everyone to be awesome...no need to step on people on your way to the top. :-)

    Having said that...I do have an evil empire to create so I might have to step on a few people for that. :-P

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