Friday, February 18, 2011

Next Pole Goal: The Splits

So, even though I hit my first real pole goal of inverting four months early, I'm not exactly a regular inverter yet.  I'm considerably larger than most of my classmates, so in the interest of safety (needing a spotter), I have only inverted at two different classes.  I realize I need to strengthen my core, so Andrea has suggested that I hold plank on and off while watching television.

While I am getting ready to further that pole goal, I have set a new one.  THE SPLITS!  I want to be able to do the splits.  I don't even know the difference between regular splits and the "Chinese" splits, but I want to do them.  So, last week, we took a photo in class to see how far down I could get.  I was actually pretty surprised.  I don't have as far to go as I would have thought.  Even with the scars from my inner thigh lift and the fact that I've never been very flexible anyway, I got down pretty low.  I tried again this week, and thanks to running for couch to 5k, I was REALLY sore and stiff and didn't get down quite as far.

But at least I have a starting point...and here it is.

Love that face...hahahaha!!!



  1. You go girl!!! Keep posting, can't wait to see your splits!!!
    I haven't done the splits since High School. Tried out for cheerleading and got real flexible for a short time.
    Thinking about trying to make your Lovely Rita fundraiser. Pleasanton is a little far for me on a regular basis, with gas prices rising every day, but one of these days I do need to try this stuff out!!!

  2. Thanks!! I'm working on my flexibility every day. I've NEVER been flexible so I have almost 35 years of tight hamstrings working against me. :-)

    I would LOVE to see you for the fundraiser! It will be such a fun day!!