Friday, June 17, 2011

Dan Jones rocks my socks off...and he will rock yours off too

I know I've mentioned it before but Dan Jones and Jimmy Gale are amazing people.  Dan just finished riding what would feel like a million miles to my fat ass in the AIDS LifeCycle ride.  He raised something like $18,000 for the cause.  Jimmy set a goal of raising $5,000 for the AIDS Walk San Francisco and promised to wear his red pumps if he does (this is six mile walk, people!).  He's not even to his big fundraiser night (see you at Club 1220 in Walnut Creek this Sunday!!!) and he is well over half the way to his goal. 

Dan has drawn some amazing charcoal portraits that he is donating to Jimmy to raise money for the walk.  I just got chills writing that line.  You should see these portraits.  They have to be seen in person to truly appreciate them.  These men are so selfless and so amazing.  There are not even enough words in the English language to describe how awesome they are.

Anyway, the auction for the portraits is live!  If you are interested in bidding, please check out the link below!  Be generous, it goes to a great cause!

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