Wednesday, August 31, 2011

An epic season opener

So today, my season six begins.  Episode 35.  Yes.  Today I turned 35 years old.  I don't feel any different.  I still didn't want to wake up this morning -- all happily snuggled in my bed.  So maybe the opening of season six wasn't as epic as I thought it would be.  The world didn't end.  I still have all of my hair (kind of).  I'm still the same weight.  I have my job.  My boyfriend.  My house.  Cats.  Truck.  Check.  Check.  Check.  Everything's here and still the same.  

Sure, I hoped to be a "grown up" by now.  Working some high powered job with a house, husband and kids maybe?  No debt.  Expensive cars.  Ridiculous vacations.  Blah.  Blah.  Blah.  Last time I checked...most people are saddled with debt and some people don't even have a house to live in.  I guess I should be happy for the life I have because it is definitely not a bad one. 

Happy birthday to me.  Thanks, mom, for being in labor for 26 hours and pushing me out 35 years ago...even though at breakfast today, you thought it was 36.  :-D  I love you anyway but that's what you get for lying about your own age.  :-P

I was playing around with a new app on my phone.  So, now you get to enjoy a little slide show of the last 7 episodes (season five) of my life (in no particular order).

And here's what 35 looks like today, on my actual birthday.  I had a yummy breakfast with my mom.  I'm going to get pedicures and have an awesome steak dinner with my man.  Life isn't so bad, I guess.  :-)  (Ummm...does my forehead look huge to you?!  Because it looks gigantic to me!!!  ...It will never end...  lol!!!)

Monday, August 29, 2011

Project 365: Days 69-75

Day 69

Monday, August 22

Simple pleasures...

Day 70

Tuesday, August 23

Enjoy my nose hair.

Day 71

Wednesday, August 24


Day 72

Thursday, August 25

New hair!  Waaaay overdue.  :-)

Day 73

Friday, August 26

Bathroom monitor.  

Day 74

Saturday, August 27

Happy birthday party to me.  Except I called it my party pooper birthday party and said I wouldn't wear a hat. 

Day 75

Sunday, August 28

Family photos.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Psoriasis and back pain?

Today I had the four-week check-up with my dermatologist regarding Enbrel.  My doctor's office asked me to participate in a survey for people with psoriasis.  One of the questions asked had to do with back/hip pain not associated with an injury that actually gets better with exercise instead of worse. 

Interesting.  You mean like MY back and hip pain?  The pain came from nowhere and I feel tons better when I'm working out consistently.  I've always wondered how that works.

I asked the significance of that question.  The PA said that it could be psoriatic arthritis.  She said I should definitely tell (remind!!) my orthopedist that I have psoriasis.  They did an x-ray and said I didn't have regular arthritis, but I don't know if the test for psoriatic arthritis is different. 

Anyway, I just found that interesting.  She did also mention that Enbrel also treats psoriatic arthritis, so I may notice that my hip and back pain get better during the time I'm on the medication.  I definitely feel like I'm not in as much pain as I should be after a couple of weeks off at the gym (and then a great/hard Twirly Girls class last night).  So, maybe THAT'S where my hip and back pain come from!

It's good information to know and now I have even more motivation to exercise.  I signed up today for pilates reformer classes at The Absolute Center in Lafayette.  I had a great Twirly Girls class and felt like I really need to get my core in shape.  Starting in early September, I will take classes twice a week for five weeks.  Hopefully I have the money to continue when this series is over!

Still motivated...WOOHOO!!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Operation Lose the Lard Ass is in full effect

So I still haven't started at a new gym.  I have way overwhelmed myself with various projects the last couple of weeks.  And I'm still not stoked about my birthday next week.  But I think I will be able to start my Forma classes next week.  The plan is to hit up spin/cycle two to three times a week, their morning TRX class once a week and their morning yoga class once a week.  I have 20 classes so that will take about a month to use up.

I am no longer tracking my food -- just trying to make better choices and not eat right before bedtime.

On August 13, I weighed in at a hefty 245.2 pounds.  This morning, I was 241.8!  Down 3.4 pounds.

My "comfortable" healthy weight is 200 pounds (that puts my BMI right on the cusp of being okay...180 is really the best weight for me BMI-wise but I sure have to work HARD to maintain that weight).  I was 215 pounds when I met Rob a little over two years ago and around 220 when I started Twirly Girls a few months later.  So I have gained 25 pounds in the last two years.  Not good.  When I was at my highest weight (almost 350 pounds), I was gaining an average of 15 pounds per year.  I don't want to go back to that.

If I can lose even 2 pounds per week on average, I will be at my goal in 21 weeks.  I took a couple of years to put it on, so even if it takes a year to take it off, I really can't complain! 

Monday, August 22, 2011

Project 365: Days 62-68

Day 62

Monday, August 15

Hi, friend!

Day 63

Tuesday, August 16

Day 64

Wednesday, August 17

See ya later, Bally Total Fitness.  Thanks for going out of business overnight!  It was a fun ten years.  

Day 65

Thursday, August 18

Riding my bike around.

Day 66

Friday, August 19


Day 67

Saturday, August 20

The Dive Bar mermaid.  Sacramento, California.

Day 68

Sunday, August 21

The amazing Shelly Lamb at the Twirly Girls 2012 calendar photoshoot with Andrew of Liquidpulp Photography.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pantera's visit to Twirly Girls!

In my year and a half at Twirly Girls (wow, almost two years now), Pantera has stopped by three or four times.  Every single time, I've been sick.  She travels the world teaching pole classes, so I have avoided coming to see her perform so I don't pass it on.  This time, however, I was all good and I came out for the meet and greet (definitely not advanced enough for the workshop). 

She was so sweet.  She sat and chatted with the group, telling us stories and talking to us about how she came up in the pole dancing world.  She looks SO young, but she's very well spoken and extremely smart about being in this business.  I really liked her.  And her performance was really awesome to watch.  Bel is always talking about how amazing and nice Pantera is...and now I know why!  Thank you to Pantera for the great performance and spending so much time talking with us!  I know she had a rough week and probably needed some rest, but she answered every question and made us feel like old friends.

Here is her Facebook fan page:

Here are some of Andrew's photos from the evening.  If you have never seen Pantera perform in person, make sure you do!