Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Poletry in Motion: OC Pole Fitness - Aliso Viejo!

Although Rita and I were staying in Long Beach, we drove down to Aliso Viejo (Orange County) to take a class with Collette at OC Pole Fitness before driving home on Monday.  I understand they have a Huntington Beach location, which would have been closer (and I think they are building a new one -- to be opened soon!), but we really wanted to see Collette.  

As I said in the blog about OC Pole's Open House on Saturday, I really expected the people at the studio to resemble Real OC Housewives or whatever that reality TV show is -- blonde, plastic, mean, fake.  I didn't find that at all.  I guess I shouldn't believe everything I see on TV.  Collette is the anti-OC reality TV soccer mom.  Not that she wouldn't embrace them if they walked through their doors, but she has dark hair and there is nothing fake or plastic about her.  She is also so supportive of her girls.  It was really touching to see that other pole studios ARE families -- just like Twirly Girls!

OC Pole offers a GREAT program that is called A Pole New You.  It not only encourages the ladies to work out regularly but gives them the support that they need to succeed.  Check out this success story on YouTube

Anyway, back to our experience at the studio.  Rita and I arrived pretty early (we are never sure how traffic is going to be), so we sat in the aerial silks room and stretched and chatted with the office manager, Shavonne.  When Collette arrived, we formally introduced ourselves (we had attended the open house, of course, but it had been packed and Collette was busy, so we didn't introduce ourselves then).  We chatted for a few minutes, then walked into the studio.  There are mirrors in the front and along one side of the studio.  There is a small stage with three poles, then another five poles on the main floor.  There are heavy curtains along the window, so no one can peek in.  There is also a big, overstuffed chair (probably for chair dance class!), which I used as a towel rest.  It's a very warm and welcoming studio.  Most of the rest of the ladies in class claimed to be in their 40's, but you couldn't tell -- they all looked young and beautiful.  They were all friendly.

Collette turned the lights down, turned some music on and we got to the warm-up.  Collette's warm-up was extremely sensual.  She closed her eyes, moved so very slowly and smiled and mouthed the words to the song as she warmed us up.  It is hard to describe the warm-up.  I would like to say that I was warming up but I was mostly watching Collette.  She was so beautiful to watch.  Every move was sexy and with a purpose.  I mean, even her ab circles were sexy!  We probably warmed up for two to three songs.

Once we got up to actually get on the pole, we had a full house, so Collette would demonstrate on someone's pole then would walk around as each of us practiced the move.  Again, Rita and I were probably way out of our league.  We weren't as advanced as most of the girls, but we still really enjoyed the class.  I did my first spinning/floating angel, where I climbed on the pole and brought my body through on one side.  It only lasted a quarter of a second, but it was something new for me! 

Again, I loved that everyone watched each other and clapped and cheered when someone accomplished something new.  After we were done with pole, we went down to the floor for some killer ab sets.  I'm still sore!  

We sat around after class and chatted with Collette a little more.  She and Bel have spoken in the past, so it was fun to meet someone in person on behalf of Bel and Twirly Girls.  As proper pole dance ambassadors, we brought Twirly Girls shirts to share, and they gave us one for Bel (I'll give it to her tonight so we'll have photos to share tomorrow).  

I was so impressed with Collette -- as a mother and a business person.  She has two beautiful daughters (who attended the open house and looked adorable in their tutus) and her studios, plus she manages Felix Cane and is involved with the Pole Fitness Association.  I can't even imagine how crazy her life is, but I'm really glad we got to meet her.

OC Pole was a really nice studio and I would suggest a visit if you are in Southern California!

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