Friday, December 2, 2011

Power of Pole: Introducing the amazing Lo!

Another addition to our ever-expanding, and awesome circle of pole sisters, this is another tall Lori, aka LO!

How long have you been pole dancing?
I've been pole dancing now since June of 2008, which is when I took my very first class.

What first drew you to try it?
I actually took my first class as a dare. I have a friend who I like to call a "triple threat." She is heavily involved in community/semi-professional theater, so she acts, sings & DANCES. She wanted to try a pole dancing class & NO one in our little circle of friends would go with her... So when she asked me to go, I told her I'd do it if I lost 100lbs pounds... I never thought I'd lose that much I'd never actually have to make good on taking the class!

...I was completely scared on my way to that first class; I had no idea what to expect... but once there, it was love at first touch of the pole... it was FUN (unlike the treadmill/gym!) 

Where do you take classes? 
I took my first class with Pole Addiction in Ferndale, MI... I taught briefly at another local studio & >happily< re-joined Pole Addiction as an instructor this past March. It feels good to be "home,"  where this crazy journey of mine began!

Do you have a pole at home?
Do I have a pole at home?  Um, is the Pope Catholic? HAHA!  But of course!
 Much like Lay's potato chips, I couldn't stop with just 1 pole... so I got TWO!   (both original X-poles... 1 50mm chrome... and one 50mm titanium gold - which is my go-to pole for "sweaty-hands" days...I've worn almost all the gold color off, but the grip on it is STILL unreal! I love it!!) 

How often do you pole?
I teach 3 days a week... and pole "for me" 2 days a week... for a total of 5 days (the other 2 days I don't spend a lot of formal time, but if I pass by my pole, I usually do a little spin or stretch on it... I cant leave it there, looking all lonely!)

What else do you do to keep your body in shape to pole?
I am also an aerialist... pole was a "gateway drug" into aerial/circus arts for me! I prefer static trapeze, but I can also hold my own on aerial "silks" & lyra. I started aerial as conditioning for pole dance, but it, just like pole, quickly became an obsession.

Do you like to dance in shoes or barefoot?
I LOVE the way shoes look...especially for photos... but I am definitely a barefoot dancer & PROUD of it!!!  I force myself to dance in shoes for maybe 30 minutes a week just so that I don't "lose" the ability to do so...and then kick them off as soon as possible!   :) 

How do you deal with dry skin on pole days and on off-pole days?
Due to being heavily involved in aerial as well as pole, I've done some serious investigating into moisturizers! I alternate between 3 different ones - depending on the season - all of which are water-based.  My go-to is Vaseline total moisture conditioning - I put it on after my shower (sparingly) so its "sunk in" before I get on the pole. The sweatier I get with this lotion, the better I stick.  If its winter time, corn huskers & udderly smooth work well too, when applied in the same fashion!

What is your favorite product to help you stick to the pole?
Grrrip lotion is amazing for sweaty hands... and itac for knee holds  :) 

Where do you buy your pole clothes?
Honestly, I wish I had better pole clothes!   I don't buy anything to fancy or from any particular place...yet. (I just made a wish list & honestly, there's a LOT of stuff from Mika on it - I got to try a pair of their shorts on recently, and they were AMAZING!!  )  I have a LOT of hips/rear &  I'm just happy when things fit (I'm 6'0" & waiver btwn a size 12-14)
What is your favorite song to dance to right now?
I am the biggest music lover in the world, with very eclectic taste! My playlist is constantly changing.. but right now its being dominated by Damien Rice, Florence & the Machine & my all time favorites Led Zepplin & Nine Inch Nails. 

How do you feel like pole has improved or changed your life?
Besides the improved health & fitness aspect as well as some really wonderful friends I've made, pole has taught me how to take healthy risks (in a controlled, supportive, playful enviroment.) That healthy risk-taking with the pole has carried over into knowing I can handle challenges in other areas of my life & has given me a whole new outlook, a form of artistic/creative expression, a positive outlet for my emotions & SELF CONFIDENCE!!! :)

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