Sunday, January 8, 2012

My blogging challenge is almost done

So almost a month ago, I took the 30 day blogging challenge.  The challenge was to actually have decent content every single day.  I tried very hard not to make any of my interviews a qualifying blog, although I did end up doing it once on a super busy day.  I know that some days, I do over-share by putting up multiple posts (usually when I have good interviews I really want to post).  I also often skip weekends since most of my "clicks" seem to come on week days.  For the most part, I only like to post things when I actually have things to post.  So while the challenge was nice, I'm not sure I would take it again.  Like I warned on my very first day of blogging, some days I might have a bunch of posts and some days I might have none.  I like the freedom of that choice.  Feeling like I HAD to post to meet some challenge was not really my style.  So I have one more day of "forced" blogging...then its back to randomness as usual!  See you tomorrow!

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