Sunday, February 5, 2012

Celebrating Black History Month and Pole Dance with Sasj Lee

Girl Next Door photo credit: Mike Quain
Sasj's story:  Three years ago, I walked into a pole dance studio with my best friend who thought it'd be a cool, new avenue of exercise to try. My first vision was the tiniest shorts I'd ever seen, followed by 7" clear heels on a very enthusiastic woman. Needless to say, the wardrobe alone almost sent me out the door. But, since I didn't drive, I couldn't leave. The rest was history. I never missed a class. I became an instructor 4 months later, and I love teaching more and more everyday. I enjoy seeing women of all ages, size, and socioeconomic backgrounds grow both emotionally and physically stronger. I also grow and learn a great deal from them in the process. The work out is perfect for me, because I'm having so much fun with it (almost a meditative experience), I don't realize I'm actually exercising. I've met supportive, talented, and inspirational men and women. Very proud to be in their company. 

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