Friday, February 3, 2012

Rockstar of Pole: Jedda Jordan!

I have been making the rounds through Bobbi's Pole Studio lately.  First we met Bobbi and Vanessa.  Then Cleo the Hurricane and Maple from Bobbi's Malaysia.  Now we have another special treat, this is Jedda Jordan!  I first saw videos of Jedda on YouTube after Shelly Lamb told me I needed to look her up.  WOW!  Totally rockin' style, which I love!  She's coming to California for Ink N Iron so I am really trying to make it to that show!  Welcome our pole sister, Jedda!

I freaking LOVE your motorcycle intro in your Miss Pole Dance Australia NSW Heat 2012 submission. How did you come up with your routine?

I am a HUGE Lady Gaga fan she inspires & influences me in my everyday life! For this particular routine i drew inspiration from the JUDAS film clip with the fleet of motorbikes at the beginning of the clip!

You have a pretty extensive background in dance. How did you get interested in pole dancing?

Pole dancing was introduced to me by a very good friend who hadn't done it but had heard about it. She asked if I would start classes with her. I agreed & I ended up purchasing a gift voucher to Bobbi's Pole Studio for her birthday. We started classes together & I never looked back!

How did you find Bobbi's Pole Studio and when did you decide to become an instructor?

When my friend asked me to start pole classes with her we got straight on the net & Googled pole dancing in our area, only to discover Bobbi's was down the road from where we lived, so it was perfect. After my first term of beginners I was totally hooked & had thought to myself I would love to teach people what Bobbi herself had taught me. Not only the technique & strength but the confidence it gave me. So it was something I decided if was ever to be given an amazing opportunity to teach I would jump at the chance. In about May of 2010 Bobbi asked me if I would join her team of sexy instructors & of course the answer was YES!!!!!!
What kind of fitness routine do you follow on and off the pole?

Well there is always a warm up involved around 15 to 20 minutes but I don't really do any other type of training off the pole. I follow a pretty strict regimented diet, walk for an hour 2 - 3 times a week before breakfast & go to a jazz classes a week for cardio and stamina.

Do you prefer to dance barefoot or in shoes?

I prefer to dance in shoes, they are all part of the fun & joy pole dancing brings to me and also because they make my legs look even longer !!!!!! hahahaha

 What do you use to help you stick to the pole?

I like to use a combination of things depending upon the whether I use dry hands, VO5 hairspray (firm or mega hold!), rosin & sometimes mighty grip..... but I try not to use anything when teaching or training to help get stronger.

What trick is your nemesis?

I would love to master the spatchcock!!!

Tell us something people would be surprised to hear?

My beautiful mum makes most of my amazing costumes!!!

What does 2012 hold for you?  

I've been asking myself that very same question, I am a very live in the moment day by day person, but I am trying to focus on training &
entering Miss Pole Dance Australia 2013 & also I'll be at Ink n Iron this year again! I won't be performing in Sin Ally this time but something even more exciting :) 

 Alethea Austin, Jedda Jordan and Karol Helms 
doing Superpain aka The Jedda!

 Jedda and Cleo the Hurricane!

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  1. She's amazing! How tall is Jedda?? She always seems to be one of the tallest. I'm 5`6 in bare feet. Was always wondering if my height would be a problem. Pole professionals are almost always short. Hoping to hear that she's at least my height lol