Monday, February 6, 2012

Celebrating Black History Month and Pole Dance with Kira Lamb

Kira's storyPole dancing entered my life at a time that I felt... broken. My 6-year marriage ended suddenly and I basically fled LA with a broken heart and shattered ego. Thankfully, I immediately booked the Off-Broadway show, Fuerza Bruta, which is so raw and emotion-driven that I got to explore and express the wide spectrum of feelings I was experiencing; something I call PMSD (post-marital stress disorder). I felt eternally grateful to return to my first love, performing, and to get paid for such an emotional and creative outlet. Besides performing 8 shows/week, I was somehow teaching Pilates and practicing massage therapy. My goal? Stay busy and distracted from my sadness.

So when my old friend Wendy Traskos tried to coerce me into embarking upon a new career of teaching pole dance, I felt far too busy and overwhelmed to even begin learning a new skill. And when in the world would I even have time to teach? But she somehow suckered me into taking “just one class.” And we all know how the story goes. I fell in love with first spin. Just like Fuerza Bruta, pole dancing allowed me to feel my strength, my power and my femininity. It allowed me to be creative, emotionally expressive and absolutely authentic. I’m still performing in Fuerza Bruta but I quit Pilates and massage to dedicate the rest of my time to pole dancing; ultimately becoming the Co-Creator of Climb & Spin Inc and teaching at NY Pole Dancing.

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