Monday, July 16, 2012

Pole Expo is coming to Las Vegas in September!

If you weren't able to make it to PoleCon in Los Angeles, or maybe if you're looking for hotter weather, brighter lights at night and a little gambling, then Pole Expo is the place for you!

Pole Expo will be held at The Palms in Las Vegas September 6-9, 2012.  There will be workshops, seminars and amazing pole performances.  Pole Expo is sponsored by some big name pole companies: X-Pole, Lil' Minx, Mighty Grip...and...VITAMIN WATER!

Ok, most of you may not understand why that's a big deal, but having a non-pole related sponsor is HUGE.  Having larger corporate sponsors spend their money on pole events is one of the keys to growing our industry. 

Here's a commercial to get you pumped up for the event:

Pole Expo's mission statement is as follows: To promote pole fitness to the world and bring the best of pole fitness to you! Pole Expo is an event that exists to educate visitors, fans and artists from around the world about the history and continuing significance of pole fitness. It carries out this mission through its operation of world-class workshops, seminars, competitions, performances and expo that exhibits, interprets and celebrates this life changing dance form.

Pole Expo is making Strides against breast cancer, with the American Cancer Society. Pole Expo is proud to support the efforts of Strides and help save lives.

The Palms has offered up a pretty sweet convention rate, so check out the Expo website for details.  You can purchase Expo passes HERE.

I am very excited to attend Pole Expo this year.  I spent ALL of PoleCon taking videos so I hope to spend a little more time in some workshops and seminars for this event.  Come by the United Pole Artists booth to say hi.  I expect to spend a lot of time there as well. 

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  1. This is fantastic, How I wish I could go to Los Angeles and watch them live.

    Is there Last Minute Flights?