Friday, July 13, 2012

Inverting using a ball

Yesterday, I posted a photo on Facebook showing how I use a medicine ball to do inversions at home.  I wanted to share my technique here too.  I'm sure people have their own way of helping newbies invert, but I like using the ball (at home anyway) because it makes me feel somewhat supported, but it still gives me the ability to flip my head and body backward so that I can wrap my legs.  I understand I may not be getting the full benefit of an inversion this way, but it gives me some time to play around with how I want my legs to wrap in order to feel secure.  Part of my problem when I go upside down is that I lose myself in the world.  So having the ball under me lets me feel safer while I learn how to wrap my legs for the best hold.  The more muscle memory I can build, the better I will feel because my body will automatically know what to do when I do a real inversion later. 

I have played around with inverting from the floor but since I can't get my head and body backwards (since the floor is obviously in the way), I find that I don't get into the proper position.  Because my hips are tight, I have a hard enough time getting my legs wrapped properly.  With the ball, I can play around with my position, then let the ball roll out from under me so that I am holding my weight.  

Anyway, I do admit that this can be dangerous since the ball can roll unexpectedly and dump you on your head, but I wedge it pretty well between myself and the pole.  I position the ball slightly in front but to the side of the pole so that I can lean back and have room for my body.  Photos are below.  Be safe since the balls can be unstable, but realize there are ways to help you do moves you aren't quite ready to do yourself!

From the floor, my legs aren't positioned in the right place
Using the ball, I have time to play with leg placement

Once I feel secure, I can let go

Then I can push the ball away and actually hold myself up


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    1. Thanks! I have received some awesome comments about how to modify other moves so I am hoping to learn from others and share them here as well. :-)

  2. I did that when I was first starting inversions, but that's not a medicine ball, it's an exercise ball.

    1. You are correct. I had visions of tinier balls in my head as I typed that, yet still didn't fix it. Thanks for correcting me!! :-)

  3. I'd have never thought of that! Thanks!