Friday, July 13, 2012

X-Pole US and The Diva Present: Dangerous Curves

I posted about Roz The Diva almost a year ago.  I love how she represents curvy girls and rocks the pole like no one's business.  Check out the Dirty Diana performance on YouTube:

Roz doesn't just pole dance like a champ, she puts on a freaking SHOW!  I had the pleasure of meeting her this year at PoleCon.  I LOVED her solo performance:

Well, Roz has set up a showcase and competition to highlight those with amazing (and dangerous) curves.  X-Pole and The Diva Present: Dangerous Curves!  Here's the description from the website:

Dangerous Curves seeks to highlight the unique contributions of plus size pole athletes. 'Plus size' has traditionally been defined those who wear a size 12 or above. If you fall outside this range but still identify yourself as a plus size athlete, you are absolutely encouraged to audition! The performer with the most dangerous curves, determined by the audience, will get special recognition. A second recognition, The Diva's Award, will be given to the athlete who has demonstrated the greatest commitment to uplifting others as described in their application below. 

The competition will be held in New York on August 25.  I so wish I had the time off from my day job and the money to get to New York for this competition.  I know I'm a bit late with this, but for anyone who CAN get to NY, please submit a video for this competition (see website link above)!  The deadline is THIS WEEKEND!

I really hope this goes well....because the next goal is to get The Diva out to California for Dangerous Curves: West Coast edition!  Would YOU submit for that competition?  Tell me where you'd like to see this competition on the West Coast!

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