Monday, July 2, 2012

Vertical Art and Fitness Magazine - Issue 5

While at PoleCon, ANOTHER magazine was released with TWO MORE of my articles!  This one was a surprise to me.  Gorgeous cover model, Steven Retchless, had a copy in his hand at the hotel, so I knew it had been printed but I didn't know it was going to be sold at the event!

I wrote two pieces for Vertical's Issue 5.  I will not re-post my articles like I did for Issue 4.  I followed the rules and only wrote what I was supposed to.  You can visit their website to view the online version (the current cover is still Issue 4 and the link to the online version still has the October-November issue from 2011, but it should be updated soon). 

My first article was written for Twirly Girls' Mama Bel, who is now 60 years old and still one of my favorite pole dancers.  She was the original creator of the Grande Dames, a class for pole dancers over 50.  I know there are other groups and amazing over-40/50 dancers on Facebook, but Bel was the first to create that specific name (she has shirts and everything), so I wanted to give her a public kudos for being one of the first to make pole dance more accessible to everyone.  I also want to thank Mary Ellyn Weissman and Judy Jovanelly for giving me quotes for my article. 

The best part was that I think Bel forgot that I wrote that article so she was flipping through the magazine at the Vertical table at PoleCon and saw herself.  She probably bought two or three magazines because she was so excited.  I also had no idea they were going to make her photo a full page.  I would like to thank Liquidpulp Photography for the photo we used.  Unfortunately, the photo credit did not make it into the magazine.  :-(

My second article was about Pole Show LA, which was a show put on by BeSpun in January 2012. 

Please support independent print magazines by purchasing through the link above.  I am very excited to have an even longer article in Issue 6.  I am also excitedly waiting my assignment for Issue 7.  Again, I thank Claire and Vertical for including me in the family!

Mama Bel's magazine signed by the amazing Pantera Blacksmith


  1. Thank You Lori...
    What an amazing surprise.. walking up to the vendor selling the magazine, having NO idea I would turn a page and find Me staring back at me! I was so excited I ordered my subscription, and bought all of the previous months too! This was the highlight of my trip to L.A...I had no idea I was in the magazine...Thank you Lori for a great article...The Grande Dames of Pole was created over 7 years ago...a class for women over 50 to come together and share life experiences. One of my students (Laura) had lost her husband after a 3 year battle with cancer. She was very depressed and had lost all self confidence. She asked if there was a class where the more Mature women could dance to the oldies we grew up with...Righteous Brothers, Marvin Gaye, etc. I created a class called "The Grande Dames". My cousin owns the Palm Springs Follies, a show where all the performers have to be over 55 years young. The show is amazing and the cast absolutely loves what they do. Some of the advise the performers would share is "To Dance, Was To Live"...they found a way to perform and dance and live life...all over 55 years young. I loved the attitude and I loved the way these women and men had so much confidence. That is why and how the Grand Dames of Pole was born.
    Unfortunately I shared the dream with a women I trusted. I am saddened to have been removed and blocked from the Facebook group, along with many other Twirly Girls who are Grand Dames.
    But seeing that article made my heart swell with pride, because the Women of Wisdom will grow and perform and find their inner beauty in a world that doesn't always play fair.
    Thank You Lori for such an amazing Highlight to my trip. Biggest Hugs Mama Bel

    1. I know you were very hurt by the situation that went down with this person. You are always so giving of your time, money and studio. It is disappointing when people take advantage. You are surrounded by many people who appreciate you for the loving environment you provide for us. So keep your head up! Your Twirly Girls and Boys love you!

  2. Lori, I'm SO proud of you! It's a huge deal to be a regular contributor. Congratulations! I check my mail every day for my subscription - can't wait to read the article!

  3. Jimmy Gale aka Stephanie Nicole le DreamJuly 9, 2012 at 3:05 PM

    Lori... You are an inspiration. You have shown me that everyone has the ability to pole dance. Thank you for sharing your world with me and introducing me to Bel... Together you have changed my life. You should both be very proud of what you do... You are an amazing ambassador to the art of pole dancing.

    1. Jimmy, thank you so much!!! I love that you are on this crazy adventure with me!!