Monday, April 2, 2012

The International Pole Convention 2012

Pole Convention is coming to California!

The International Pole Convention of 2012 will be held at the Los Angeles Airport Marriott on June 21-24, 2012.  I am very excited to attend.  There are certification programs, workshops, speakers, amazing vendors.  It is somewhere that I can go and pole geek out for four days straight without anyone making fun of me.

Pole Stars are coming from all over the world to teach workshops and give private lessons.  I am especially looking forward to meeting Felix Cane!  There will also be workshops with Vertical Joe's Fitness, Oona Kivela (recent winner of International Pole Championships), Moses Carroll (creator of Pole Dance Network), Kelly Yvonne (Girl Next Door - a pole dance soirĂ©e), Marlo Fisken (Body & Pole), Rebecca Starr, Hanka Venselaar, Annemarie Davies (United Pole Artists), Lou Landers, Alesia Vazmitsel (Britain's Got Talent), Steven Retchless (America's Got Talent; Body & Pole; all 'round amazeballs pole dancer), Claire Sterrett (Pole Story and Vertical Art and Fitness Magazine), Jeni Janover, Stephanie Skyy, Alethea Austin, Jack Gaffney, Rebekah Hennes, Alesia Vazmitsel (2011 Pole Dance Champion), Cleo the Hurricane, Anastasia Skukhtorova, Melissa Woolever, Collette Kakuk (OC Pole Fitness), Lizz Schofield (PFA), Amber Ray, Bobby Goodfellow, KT Coates (Vertical Dance), Natasha Wang (one of my favorite pole people in the world), Pantera, Rashida Hobbs...and with the event still months away, they keep adding more amazing people and workshops!

Featured solo performances by:  LuAyne "Lulu" Brown (US), Roz Mays (US), Lena (Russia), Lorinda Coombs (US), Crystal Belcher (US), Carlie Hunter (Australia), Natasha Wang (US), Pantera (US), Bailey Hart (Australia), Phoenix Kazree (US), Taylor Grace (Australia).

THEN on Saturday, June 23 at 7:30 PM, there is the Bad Kitty Fashion Exhibition Show & The Showcase Of Stars.  Bad Kitty will present their latest Pole Fitness wear on today's best Polers. Afterwards, The Showcase begins with performances from the featured Pole Stars from this year's Pole Convention.

This year, Pole Convention has also chosen the following local charity to support:

Each year, the Convention chooses a local charity to donate to. In 2012, we will be supporting 'Writegirl', a local LA-charity helping young women express themselves through writing. 'Writegirl' offers mentor training and the opportunity to help a young teen to develop her creative writing. This program equips a young girl with communication tools to confidently navigate the challenges they face. Read more about the program at

The convention is put on by Jessalynn Medairy.  Jessalyn hasn't officially been part of my blog, however I did post one of her photos as motivation once:  She owns Pole Pressure in Washington, DC.  

I realize that I am not only a little baby pole dancer but also still an itty bitty baby blogger.  I will not even try to hide the stars in my eyes as I run around the convention geeking out over the amazing talent that will be there.  

If you are coming to Pole Convention, let me know.  I'd love to meet!


  1. Have a ball! I'm not going this year...brand new to pole & just found your blog- <3 aiming for the 2013 convention & cant wait to hear all about your experience in LA this year.


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    1. I'm so glad you found me!! :-D Keep an eye on my YouTube account: I hope to get videos up quickly while I'm down there next week! :-D