Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Pole Move: The Kennedy

You know one of my favorite pole dancers of all time is Pantera.  She is a good friend of Bel and Twirly Girls and she's always very patient with me when I'm begging for her to answer my questions or give me an interview. 

One of Pantera's signature moves is walking on the ceiling, which is generally preceded by the "Death Lay."  That is, she gets on the freaking ceiling and just lays on it like she was born to be there.  The DEATH LAY.  I never had a name for it until Amber Kittle (California Pole Dance Champion for 2009) mentioned it.  She is also known for this super dangerous but amazing move.  Check out Amber starting her Pole Show LA 2012 routine in a death lay:

Anyway, I've been harassing Pantera about various topics and I bring up this move.  She says, "oh, I call that move, 'The Kennedy!'"  So then I want to know all about The Kennedy and why she calls it that.  She says, "because I knew a stripper in San Diego who did that move."  It's that simple.  What a move.  Watch this video.  You'll see Pantera pulling off The Kennedy around 5:48, then stick around to watch her walk on the ceiling:

So, I just want to give a shout out to Pantera for keeping it real and to Kennedy for being an original bad ass!!  How many people do you think can actually pull off this move??

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