Thursday, October 18, 2012

Trick or Twirl!

I have been part of a group on Facebook for pole dance bloggers for awhile now.  Here are a couple of other posts from fellow bloggers on the subject:

The amazingly talented Sheena suggested we start doing monthly blog hops.  This month, the theme is Halloween.  We each write a blog on the subject, then we encourage people to visit the other bloggers' sites to read their stories.  You can see the other registered blogs HERE.  You can read Sheena's blog HERE.

I am three weeks into my new job and I have been crazy busy, so I have been neglecting both my pole dancing AND my blogging.  I have been busy but am also trying to get ready for Twirly Girls' Trick or Twirl event.  We decided to push our event to early November to avoid the actual candy-lovin' holiday.  So on November 11, 2012, we will hold our showcase.  I have three dances planned.  One is Mulan's I'll Make A Man Out Of You with three of my male students.  I am also doing a solo.  Then doing an Afro-Haitian drum style dance with my friend Yolanda.  I hope to have videos up after the event next month.

Also, don't forget that UPA is having a Halloween costume contest.  Click HERE to participate. 

Sorry I have been so neglectful and that this post is so short.  Commuting and working is taking a lot out of me.  And all the little things I could do on work-at-home days are being pushed to the evenings and weekends.  I hope to adjust soon and get back to regularly scheduled programming!!

Until next time, keep twirling!!

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