Monday, March 11, 2013

March Blog Hop: These are a few of my favorite [pole] things...

For this month's blog hop, we decided to talk about our favorite pole products and companies.  Now, don't forget, after you read MY blog, you can click that link above (or HERE) and read up on other polers' favorite pole items.  You can read Sheena's explanation blog HERE.  Since she is our pole blogger mama, and sets up these blog hops for us, I like to give her extra love. 

Let's start with grip aids.  As I am pushing myself into doing more advanced moves, I find I am literally having to glue myself to the pole with various products.  First, it was Mighty Grip.  Then iTac.  Now, I'm just using straight up rosin, normally used for aerial silks.  The best part of Firm Grip?  Even after showering, if I don't SCRUB, I can wake up the next morning with my legs glued shut.  It's that strong.  lol.  [Yesterday, when I originally posted, I cited to Tuf-Skin, another Cramer product, but we use Firm Grip in our studio.  I ordered Tuf-Skin yesterday for myself...the freaking cans are almost identical....whoops!!  So we'll see if it works anything like Firm Grip!]  I have gone back and forth about grip aids.  I shouldn't use them because then I'm not getting stronger.  I should use them because then I will get stronger.  I have swung back in the "I should use them" direction, because I am not otherwise going to get into some of these moves without help.  I am hauling 250 pounds of Viking Goddess ass up and down these poles.  I need a little assist now and then.  I am already feeling a lot more confident in my climb and I have only been taking my new class for a little over a month.  I am also working on sits and layouts, including plank/lying lady.  Eventually, those will work into real cross-ankle or knee releases. 

Next up, this is a new addition to my repertoire, after my amazing teacher, Se├ín Michael, introduced the concept:  WOODY BANDS.  I have been using the #5 black band to help me with inverts and cross-ankle release (back to sit-up to the pole).  I love them.  I am going to buy some varying weight resistences so that I can practice more with placement and getting my ass up over my head.  I still need some help pushing my legs up once I pull into a ball.  My warnings would be this (at the insistence of Mama Bel):  use two woody bands (adjust weight resistence accordingly) AND a spotter.  If a band breaks, it could be VERY dangerous, as you might not be holding on securely enough to hold your own weight. 

I have recently started using Powerflex tape by Andover.  With my bone spur, I have to tape my foot, but the tape slips off the pole.  Powerflex tape sticks only to itself but provides a little more stick and a lot less slip when I'm climbing or doing things that require my foot to be on the pole.  Maybe it will even help with padding for that Remi sit I'm trying to get right now.  Ouchie. 

As I wrote before, I really love my high-waisted derby shorts that I bought from Derby Skinz.  Although not a traditional pole clothing shop, they have cool shorts.  You can read my previous review HERE

I have to give a shout-out to a few of my favorite pole places, too.

Twirly Girls Pole Fitness in Pleasanton, California.  This is my home studio, where I learn and teach.  I adore Bel and everyone at the studio.  I do the majority of my blogging for this company. 

United Pole Artists.  Annemarie has included me on some fun adventures and I appreciate her for that!

Nadia Sharif and Natasha Wang, a couple of amazeballs pole dancers, who are so, so, so overly sweet to me. 

I'm sure I could go on and on for pages about everything and everyone I LOVE in the pole industry.  So for now, here's my list.  Let me know what awesome products YOU might be using to help you be a better poler!

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