Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Blog Hop: Questions for a Pole Dancer

This month, for our blog hop, we are answering some questions!  Now, there are a lot of questions, so I will probably skip a few.  Ain't nobody got time to read that much about me!  :-D


  1. How long have you been pole dancing?  Three and a half years (since December 2009).
  2. What’s your favorite song to pole dance to?  Strangely, no favorites right now.  I do like the Radioactive song that is popular right now.
  3. What’s your favorite pole dance move?  I have been working on plank/layouts. 
  4. What pole move is your nemesis?  Pretty much anything that requires inverting or climbing. 
  5. If you have to classify your dance style, what would it be?  I don't really know anymore.  I used to like to be a little dirty and dance to loud rock songs.  Lately, since my strength hasn't been improving, I've been working on my flow and have been dancing to softer songs than I'm used to.
  6. What inspires your movement? Why do you dance?  My class.  Boys, Girls and Twirls is really what keeps me going.  I have been very frustrated with myself personally and professionally.  But knowing I have to show up every week for them makes me happy.
  7. How often do you train, dance or attend class per week?  I teach once a week and take Sean Michael's Saturday class at Twirly Girls. 
  8. Do you train on both sides when you pole? Why or why not?  I do not.  Bel's theory is that you don't bat left-handed if you're right handed, so training yourself on your weak side can put you at a higher risk for injury.  I have heard many people argue the opposite, especially as you advance, that you better have trained both sides so that if you're 20 feet in the air and get into trouble, you have the strength on either side to get down safely.  I guess I see both sides, but still am not advanced enough for it to matter. 
  9. If you’re not a full time poler, how do you balance work and pole? Friends and pole? Life and Pole?  I am not balancing that so well lately.  I am ready for a big life change soon, I think.
  10. Why did you start a pole dance blog?  I met my friend, Heather, through her blog, and I also started reading Jennifer's Pole Skivvies blog.  Then I decided that I missed writing and needed an outlet, so blogging about my adventures seemed like a great idea.  Who knew it would lead me to all the amazing people I have met!?  I know some people question why I do what I do.  I'm not the best poler, nor the best writer.  I have a day job, so pole isn't my entire life.  But it's fun.  No, I don't necessarily think I will change the pole world.  I don't think I'm so super awesome at pole that people should want to watch me.  I just want people to see that regular people can also pole.  That's why I like to say that pole dance is for everyBODY.  Sure not everyone can do ALL of the tricks, but there is room for everyone to express the art in their own way. 
  11. What does your pole dance blog mainly focus on?  My blog is actually not just about pole.  I talk about everything.  I talk about gastric bypass and weight loss (or gain) and health.  Lately, I've had some health issues, so I've talked about bone spurs and heart problems.  I even talk about depression and anxiety.  I feel like so many people go through life feeling alone, like they are the only ones going through something so I guess my hope is that I reach someone and make them feel like there are people who understand them. 
  12. If you have ever performed, how do you usually prepare your performance?  Performing makes me sick to my stomach but I do it because, I don't know...I feel like it's expected of me.  I always have fun once I'm done and feel like I have accomplished something. 
  13. Also, since its May… does your Mother [or any maternal person in your life] know that you pole dance and what does she think?  Ha!  She's guardedly supportive.  My Mormon mother actually came to a class once and she was ok with it, until Bel encouraged me to perform a piece I was preparing for a showcase, and the song was Darling Nikki.  There went that support. 
  14. Finish this sentence. Pole dancing is….about friendships.  I have met so many amazing people and I really love them all!
Boys, Girls and Twirls at the Lovely Rita Fundraiser at Twirly Girls in April 2013


  1. "Pole dancing is….about friendships"

    that's real talk.
    so glad i found you - amazing friend.

    1. Right back atcha! SO grateful we found each other!! You have pushed me into moves that I didn't think I was ready for (and made me realize that I need to get off my butt finally and get stronger to do the moves I really want to do). I really enjoy your class and thank you so much for everything. :)

  2. Hey Hey there Pole Friend. Where would we be...
    Hugs, Rita

    1. What an adventure it has been!! Thank you for taking this journey with me!

  3. What an adventure it has been!! Thank you for taking this journey with me!

  4. I had no idea your mother was Mormon. Oh the things you learn about people. Also, I wish you lots of joy, my friend.

    1. I keep her she is ashamed of me. lolololol! We have an odd relationship. I think she wants to spend more time with me sometimes, but then I won't hear from her for a couple of months. Mostly, I get some text messages here and there and then spend a couple of holidays with her each year. Works for me. I am not a bad person so I don't need to be looked down on constantly.

  5. I also get that sick-to-my-stomach feeling in the days leading up to a performance, and yet I keep pushing past it, both since it's expected of me (everyone just loooves performing), and because the rush I get from being on stage, and that ecstatic feeling of OMG-I-did-it that I get when walking off stage makes it all worth it :)

  6. I really love your blog and appreciate your discussion about weight and pole/beauty/etc, a lot of it hits home for me! Your blog is what inspired me to start my own and to be apart of this pole blog hop!

    I love that you were able to get your Mormon mom to a class, even if she did get scared away at the end! Slow progress is still progress!!

    1. Jillian, thank you so much!! That touches me! I'm heading over now to check out your blog!!

      Yeah, my mom actually had a lot of fun in that class. I knew better than to dance to that song in front of her, but at the same time, this is me. Accept me or don't. :))