Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Workshops with Tracee Kafer

Ginger, Jade, Tracee, Terri and me
So during Air Show weekend, OVER A MONTH AGO (yes, I'm behind), I got to take two workshops with the beautiful and talented Tracee Kafer of Body & Pole.

Friday night was Finding Your Freestyle.  Luckily, I was near the beautiful ladies of Venus Pole Fitness of Turlock, so there were plenty of giggles and fun to be had during class.  This class focused a lot on becoming comfortable with yourself and aware of all of your parts.  So we danced and emphasized "odd" body parts, such as elbows.  I prayed for "boobs" but got elbows (which somehow turned into "penis" in our group...sorry, Tracee, can't take us anywhere!).  It was a really fun reminder that I need to get out of my head and just let myself dance but also be aware of what my body is doing.  I also need to start turning down the lights and just letting my body move sometimes.  Lately, I have felt so self-conscious because I don't feel comfortable in my own skin and I feel like I have lost a lot of strength and fluidity in my dance.  I often feel like I get left behind in workshops (which is not anyone's fault but my own) since I am not advanced but this was a workshop in which I could keep up.  I can't promise I looked good!  But I didn't feel left out.  Allison Wardwell was also in class with us.  She is a really amazing dancer and it was sometimes difficult to concentrate because I just wanted to watch her dance rather than muddle through my own moves.  

Venus Pole Fitness letting me jump in on their photo
At the end of the workshop, we had to dance for a partner (ooooh I was so partner was so beautiful!!!  Thanks for putting up with me Rhiannon!!).  We had to choose an emotion and dance.  I couldn't really pinpoint my emotion as I danced.  I was kind of frustrated with my foot for being injured and I was blaming it for holding me back.  But I had hope for the future.  How do you dance that?  Rhiannon guesses my emotion...I feel like you're trying to find your voice.  I said, naw, that's not it...wait a second...YES THAT IS EXACTLY IT!  It was kind of a cool moment.  I also felt like I nailed her emotion.  I believe I guessed hopeful or longing and I believe she was going for longing (guess it would have helped to bring my notes today!!).  Anyway, I thought it was a really awesome experience.  I took videos throughout but am kind of glad they were too dark to post.  It was one of those intimate experiences that might be good to keep to yourself. 

Saturday was Grounded Spins on Static.  Tracee came with a seven or eight spin combo.  I could remember all the parts but there were definitely a few pieces that I didn't perform well due to strength issues.  I have it on video and need to grab the clip and remind myself so I can continue to practice it (I am currently getting comfortable in letting myself one arm spin into Juliette).  I really had a fun time (and was happy to see the ladies from Kitty Kats' Korner there).  I also got to share a pole with Ann, who takes classes at Poletential.  She was really sweet and we had fun chatting during class (and hopefully kept ourselves on track and moving forward when we both felt slightly frustrated with a couple of the moves).

Tracee also performed at Air Show that evening.  She is always such a beautiful and expressive dancer.  I tried to guess her emotion that evening and I felt like it was difficult to pinpoint, but after discussing how she felt that day about the direction in which her life is going, I felt like I was pretty close!  

I want to thank Tracee for putting up with me and am looking forward to our next meeting!  Have you ever taken a workshop with Tracee?  Tell me about your experience!