Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Poletry in Motion: Phoenix Aerial Art & Pole

 Recently, I attended a showcase at Phoenix Aerial Art & Pole in Berkeley.  Phoenix recently changed ownership, and I was eager to come out support Kirstin in her new endeavor.  I can't believe this was my first visit!  

The studio is beautiful, but what I loved most about the showcase is that this is a family, just like Twirly Girls!  A studio recently opened down the street from my office (Hello Spin Sity!!).  My co-worker asked why I wouldn't be attending regular classes.  He asked if it was about competition.  I said, no, not really.  The studios in the Bay Area are pretty good about supporting each other, are far enough apart to not really have to compete, and I adore the ladies at Spin Sity, however, Twirly Girls is my family.  While I certainly hope to attend some open pole or occasional classes at Spin, I certainly look forward to going home to Twirly Girls for my regular classes each week.  That isn't because the ladies (and potential gents) at Spin Sity aren't awesome -- it just means I love my family.  Phoenix is my extended family and I was extremely happy to support their show and see that they are just like us -- they love and support each other and provide a safe place for these dancers to express themselves and feel beautiful.

I uploaded a bunch of videos to my personal Facebook page but wanted to share these three with you.  The sex appeal is through the roof.  It makes me want to work harder to feel comfortable in my own skin so that I can move with the fluidity that can only come with confidence like this.  These ladies are sexy AF.  Sexy has never been my thing.  I feel silly and I usually laugh, make jokes and ruin the moment.  I bow down and hope to learn something from each of them.  Please enjoy and if you have any messages of support for Kirstin and Phoenix, share them below!

Sexy mamas at Phoenix Aerial Art and Pole
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More sexy from Phoenix
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So much sexy
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  1. Its great to see the support our Nor Cal Studios offer to each other...its what makes us all family..