Thursday, March 31, 2011

Review of Dew Point Pole: light and medium formulas

I have been on the hunt for products to help my slippery ass stick to the pole.  This winter has been especially tough.  With the heater running in Twirly Girls, I can't stick to save my life.  I am finding that some of the more traditional products don't work at all or cause me to stick too well and cause a God-awful SQUEAK. 

I was recently turned on to Dew Point Pole.  They have three different formulas:  light, medium, and ultra.

Last night at Twirly Girls, I tried the light and medium formulas.  The light didn't do much for me...although, in its defense, I might not have given it enough time to dry.  I liked the medium formula.  I felt like it needed a few minutes to actually dry and get a little tacky.  And, unfortunately, I was never able to stick to the pole under the AC/heater vent -- which has been a problem for me all winter -- but I think that's been a problem for other people too.  The product sprays on clear and made me feel like I had some grip without making the squeaky noise. 

I would describe myself as an intermediate pole dancer.  I am tall and heavy (6 feet, 230 pounds), so I am not doing a lot of the acrobatics that other pole dancers might be doing at a year and a half into pole dancing.  I am still working on losing weight and gaining strength.  

I hope to have some other dancers try it soon and give me their opinions soon.  I also plan to try out the ultra formula during the next class. 

I definitely feel like it's a product worth trying!

What can you win at the Lovely Rita fundraiser?

Raffle tickets are ON SALE at Twirly Girls for the second annual Lovely Rita fundraiser to benefit the National Kidney Foundation!

Tickets are 3 for $5, 8 for $10 or 20 for $20!

So far we have the following prizes donated (with more being added every day):

Silver pole case
Twirly Girls clothing
Hula Hoop private lesson
Sephora gift bags
Rouge mother-daughter make-over worth $150
$50 Massimo's gift certificate (restaurant)
Three gift certificates from Bruce's Tires
Free classes from Twirly Girls
PoleSkivvies performance coaching session with Jennifer
Hair x Helen gift certificate
Gun lesson with certified trainer
Pilates, boot camp, massage gift certificates from Just By Touch
Wine gift basket

We also want to thank:

The Real Karaoke Joe, who will be providing music for us on the date of the fundraiser. 

Cake Queen, Michael Villa, who will be making a cake for us.

And let's not forget the companies that helped fund the printing of our Lovely Rita calendar (we still have a few available for sale...only $10):

Physicians' Youthful Resolutions

Penninsula Women's Health

Tri-Valley Bodyworks

The Pole Dancing Shop

Douglas Korb, Remax

And thank you to Andrew of Liquidpulp Photography ( for taking the photos and Anh Thu Tran for doing make-up the day of the shoot.

Rita and I especially would like to thank Bel of Twirly Girls Pole Fitness for being so generous with her time and studio!  We know she is a busy lady, but she always makes time for her Twirly Girls and we love her for that!

Don't forget the Lovely Rita Fundraiser will be held on Sunday, April 17, 2011 at 2:30 p.m. at Twirly Girls Pole Fitness in Pleasanton.  Raffle and dance recital.  Men are welcome.  Come enjoy an open house and meet the lovely Rita!  All money raised will go to the National Kidney Foundation.  The Kidney Walk will be held in San Francisco on Saturday, May 7th.  Come and walk with us!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Kristina's first new-birthday

Last year, I wrote a blog about my friend, Kristina, having gastric bypass surgery.  So much has happened in the last year!  And she's SO TINY!  This is just a note to say HAPPY NEW-BIRTHDAY to Kristina!  You have taken the steps to make your life healthier and happier in many ways!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Another day, another PoleSkivvies post!

Love you, PoleSkivvies!


NEW!! Gemini Bra

Lori in her Gemini Bra by PoleSkivvies
Yesterday, I excitedly opened my PoleSkivvies package, knowing my new Gemini bra was inside. I know other ladies have talked about their size F breasts fitting, and I was hoping mine would fit too. I opened the package and my heart sank. There was no way my ginormous chest was fitting in this thing! I slowly and carefully pulled it over my head, fully expecting to hear the breaking of the threads. But I didn’t hear anything. It fit perfectly — and comfortably! I am 6 feet tall, 230 pounds. I wear either a 38J or 42DD/DDD (XXL in bras and shirts for the most part), depending on the brand of bra and how they ask you to measure yourself (I am 38 inches around at the band, and 48 inches around at the fullest part of my breast). So THANK YOU for providing a product that fits us in the Goddess realm!
Lori, California

Friday, March 25, 2011

Firemen rock

This is a post that has been a year in the making.  I was so angry about it for a long time that I just kind of let the topic sit in the back of my brain.  Until today.  I'm sure I have mentioned it in passing in other posts but I haven't addressed it directly.  Now I'm making it sound way more exciting than it is probably going to end up being.  Oh well, drama queen...that's what they call me. 

Last year, Bel was doing little challenges at Twirly Girls.  We would wear our shirts around town and take pictures at different places.  One suggestion was to find poles at fire stations.  I started researching fire stations that actually had poles (they aren't very common in California) and fired off e-mails to try to set up appointments.  It never once occurred to me not to mention that we were pole fitness students coming in our Twirly Girls shirts to take photos with them.  They all had a policy of allowing the public in to see the facilities -- hello, our tax dollars pay their salaries. 

I was denied by every single station.  Some were kinder in their wording than others.  A few were outright rude and said it would be inappropriate to have anyone from our studio come take photos near their pole. 

Part of me was FURIOUS.  If I had just requested a tour, and had shown up in my TG shirt and jeans to take photos, they never would have known and I would have gotten my photos. 

Part of me was sad.  The stripper stigma strikes again. 

A friend had a hook-up at a fire station.  Said station will remain nameless to protect the innocent.  But they allowed us to come in, put on their gear and take all kinds of photos.  We never got naked.  We didn't do any "stripper moves" off their trucks.  But we did have a fun day and met some awesome people.  And, for that, I thank them. 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

When I grow up, I wanna be a stripper

There has been a lot of talk lately about pole dancing/fitness versus stripping.  Some people are adamant that they are different, while others recognize the similar roots.  I am kind of on the "don't really care" boat.  I have said before if I had a better body and some rhythm, I'd be all for making some extra dough working the pole.

The stigma surrounding stripping has to do with the lifestyle that some strippers seem to get pulled into.  Drugs and prostitution...the dark, seedy, dirty clubs (setting aside the moral judgment that some people put on taking your clothes off for strangers).  Does that really happen to all strippers?  Can you just work the pole in a club, grab your dollars and go home?

I've heard amazing stories of girls bringing $1,000 a night by stripping.  They always say the pole dancers make the most money (as opposed to lap dancers or other dancers?  I've never actually been to as strip club so maybe it's time for an investigative trip!).  So, if you're really able to bring that kind of money in, what happens?  Do you get pulled into the lifestyle by taking drugs to stay awake, then turning to prostitution to make more money to buy drugs?  Do you get pulled into the prostitution to make more money, then turn to drugs to dull the pain of what you're doing to yourself?  I imagine that once you get used to having money like that, working the minimum wage jobs just don't cut it anymore.  Are you always chasing that dragon of making great money and feeling good?  Unfortunately, time is not our friend...we get older, our bodies sag long can someone actually keep a job like this and be successful?

I've heard women -- both strippers and prostitutes -- say that they feel empowered by what they do.  That they are in control of men when they are working.  That they are choosing to take their clothes off, so no one is taking advantage of them.  Do they really feel that way?  Or do they just say that to justify what they are doing?  If they are grown adults, why do they have to justify anything?

I am not writing this post to put anyone down -- not strippers, not prostitutes.  I am just wondering why there is the assumption that if you strip, you eventually turn to drugs and prostitution (again, not putting a moral judgment on prostitution really but it is illegal in California; also, I get that some women are forced into it and have nasty pimps abusing them and taking their, I'm only talking about women who, by choice are strippers and/or prostitutes)?  I imagine there are A LOT of women who have been able to strip without turning to other things.  If there are women out there who have experiences on any side of this, I'd love to hear it.  You can post anonymously. 

Bel and PoleSkivvies!

Bel Jeremiah – Pole Instruction with Deaf Students

Bel Jeremiah of Twirly Girls shares her experience teaching pole to deaf students.

What are the primary things to keep in mind when teaching pole to students who can’t hear?

That everything is visual. It’s important that each step, each move is done slowly and broken down in small segments. I also found that it’s important to show the move, then break the move down, step by step. After each step, I stop, and allow the interpreter to explain the move, then I do the move again. The girls can’t watch me and the interpreter at the same time, so it’s important to give the interpreter time to explain the move. It’s a slower process, but deaf people are very visual so they watch everything. Facial expressions, body movements, they pick up on movement from watching.

How have you altered your approach to pole instruction in order to connect with this group of students?

I’ve always broken down moves step by step, because it’s the way I like to learn things myself, so I don’t think I’ve really altered my style of teaching. I do have to remember to talk slower to the interpreter because I talk fast and I need to give her time to sign to the girls. I’ve asked her to let me know how to make things easier for her, since this is new to me also. At the end of each of my classes, I let the girls do a free dance. To feel the music and let their body move, incorporating the moves they learned that day. Well, since they can’t feel the music, they ask me to show them how much time they have, since they can’t tell when a song starts or ends. So I hold up my finger to let them know how much time they have left. I’m amazed at how sensually they are dancing and how much rhythm they have. I’m also creating different hand signals for a Twirl, or move. Bringing my hands together like I’m praying is the sign for The Prayer, crossing my wrists stands for Fairy … anyway … I’m creating hand movements for various moves and it works because when I do the motion they know what move I’m talking about. It’s really pretty awesome.

Has what you’ve learned in teaching deaf students been something you’ve now added to how you teach all your students?

I don’t think so. I think all beginner students need the same attention and need to have each move broken down so they understand the whys and hows. Most of these women are teachers or in the teaching field, so they understand the concept of teaching. I don’t want to treat them any different than any other student.

Anything else you’d care to share:

I’m so lucky to have this opportunity and these women are so awesome…Last week was their last session with Twirly Girls. They had all bought a one-month Groupon Deal because it was so affordable. They gave me a beautiful card saying how much they loved their experience and how they didn’t want it to end. Hugs and sad eyes. The interpreter told me they were very sad and hated for the sessions to end but they couldn’t afford the classes on a teacher’s salary, and a few are unemployed.

Since it was their class, I had them dress up with wigs and costumes and takes lots of pictures … we must have been there for 2 hours.

Then, I realized, I didn’t want it to end either, so I gave them an offer they couldn’t refuse. :)

So … the Visual Twirlers will be back to class on Monday!

They may not realize it, but I’m the one getting so much out of this! Two of the girls already climbed to the top of the pole! It’s amazing how determined they are.

I would love to see more schools embrace anyone interested in taking pole. Everyone wants to feel like they are equal in all ways … and I believe there is a move for everyone. Everything can be modified.

Thank you, Bel – this will be a help to pole dance instructors everywhere!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Second Annual Lovely Rita Fundraiser!

I can't believe it is less than a month before our SECOND ANNUAL LOVELY RITA FUNDRAISER at Twirly Girls Pole Fitness!  If you weren't around last year, and don't know what I'm talking about, search my blog...I posted all kinds of things about our fun event.

Our very own Rita has received THREE kidney transplants in her lifetime.  Last year, Twirly Girls hosted an entire day of classes, a dance recital, silent auction and raffle to benefit the National Kidney Foundation.  This year, we have already put out a Twirly Girls calendar in Rita's honor.  We have also set up a pizza night at Rocco's in Walnut Creek (Thursday, April 28th)

This year, Twirly Girls is going to keep it simple.  We will have a dance recital and raffle to benefit the NKF.  The dance recital will start at 3 p.m., with raffle items being given away between dances.  Raffle tickets will be 3 for $5.00, 8 for $10.00 or, 20 for $20.00 (best deal).  Raffle tickets are ON SALE NOW!

I will do an inventory of prizes this week and do another blog about what you can win.  However, in the meantime, if you have a business you'd like to promote and can donate a gift certificate or item for raffle, please let me know!  We will be doing a poster to thank you for your donation.  If you donate an item, I can give you a receipt from the NKF (sorry, from what I understand, the IRS doesn't allow you to write off gift certificates and/or time donated).   We were so touched last year by the outpouring of donations from local businesses and this year is looking just as awesome!

The Fitness Examiner has kindly included us in a write-up.  We thank them for that.  Check out the article here.   

We also have a link at Patch Pleasanton.  Check that out here.   

If you can't  make it to Rocco's or Twirly Girls, please feel free to donate directly to Rita's page on the National Kidney Foundation's page.   

Everyone is welcome to walk with us during the Kidney Walk 5k in San Francisco on Saturday, May 7th!

Even if money is tight, or you don't have time to visit us at these events, please feel free to share this blog with your friends.  We are also accepting happy thoughts and good wishes.  :-)  You don't realize how important your kidneys are until you don't have them!   

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Brazen Racing

A couple of years ago, I started doing 5k's with Brazen Racing.  Mostly I was walking them.  My motivation behind Couch to 5k was partially to prepare for Bay to Breakers, but also to start actually running the 5k's I do with Brazen.  I did one over the weekend with my injured back.  It sucked.  Freezing cold, wet, muddy.  I jogged the flat parts but there were so many muddy parts on a grade that I had to walk them.  Slowly.  I think my final time was almost an hour so I was doing 20 minute miles. 

Anyway, I thought I'd share some photos since we were so disgusting and muddy at the end.  I definitely recommend Brazen Racing (cool shirts and medals, lots of goodies in our bags and good friends to see), and I look forward to feeling better so I can actually RUN an entire 5k soon!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Couch to 5k and the stiletto incident

So, by now, I should be finished with Couch to 5k.  I was doing REALLY well.  I was running 25 minutes straight without stopping (week 7).  Yeah, I might only be running 4.5 miles an hour but I was still technically running (or maybe jogging...whatever!). 

Here is my first blog about C25K.

Here's my update at six weeks in

The program is nine weeks long.  My six week update was awhile why am I not finished?

I will call it the "stiletto incident."  A few weeks ago, I bought the most adorable red heels.  I wanted to wear them to the drag show that weekend.  Rob suggested that I practice walking in them before I try to run around in public in them.  Good call.  I took two steps into the kitchen, my ankles wobbled and I fell straight on to my back. 

At first, it seemed like no big deal, but as the night wore on, I felt stiff and sore.  The entire left side of my body was hurting -- from my SINUS down to my ankle.  I made an appointment to see Keith from Tri-Valley Bodyworks the next week.  I destroy myself constantly and he's always able to fix me up.  Usually, he does two, maybe three adjustments.  I think this time, he did six or seven.  He adjusted me from my neck to my hips.  I left feeling pretty good.  The pain from the fall seemed to go away, but my old injury -- the left side of my lower back and hip -- continued hurting.  Plus, it seemed like my sciatic nerve was being pinched because my knee hurt too.  So, I went again.  This time, Keith said my spine seemed okay, and that it seemed that it was all soft tissue.  He dug into my hip (got an awesome bruise on my butt to show for it) and turned me into a pretzel and then back into a person.  I left feeling okay again.  Over the weekend, I was still in a lot of pain.  Every time I stand up, it feels like a bone in my lower back gets stuck on "something."  I can wiggle around and hear a pop and the pressure goes away.  But it happens again a few minutes later.  Keith re-adjusted me this morning.  I was able to reach down and touch my toes without pain again, so I am hoping this time, it's fixed for good.  :-) 

Anyway, that whole sob story was to explain why I haven't finished Couch to 5k.  I fully intended to start back up this week, and also realize I may not be able to jump right back into running for 25 minutes straight.  But I sure will check it out and give it a try.  Once I do finish the program -- which means I am running for 30 minutes straight -- I will start Bridge to 10k.  Not sure I actually need or want to run an entire 10k.  But the first week has you running for 10 minute stretches, and I think I am going to use those intervals to speed up.  I want to eventually run a 10 minute mile -- so 6 miles an hour.  Once I work up to that...THEN maybe I'll feel a desire to run a 10k.  Or maybe I won't.  :-) 

Just for fun, here are some pics of the evil shoes that almost killed me.  I am going to practice walking in them when I have something to hold on to -- and not until I'm better.  I did use them at the photoshoot a couple of weeks ago, but I just put them on when I was ready to wear them.  I didn't try to walk in them.

Here's hoping this is my last week of being injured.  I can't take this much time off.  I'm a lazy ass and it only takes me a week or two off to decide I don't like the gym anymore!! 

Friday, March 18, 2011

Updated Pole Goal: Handstand

So I've been working on my handstands.  Mostly trying to hook my leg and then bend my spine away from the pole so that my shoulders aren't touching.  Next I need to start working on doing headstands and handstands without a pole or wall near me.  I have gotten spoiled with the pole because I can kick up, hook my leg and pull myself in.  When Heather was in town recently, I tried to do a handstand against a wall in the hotel and needed help getting up there.  But still, I have made progress and I'm really excited about it!  Here are some photos (and old blog posts about my other goals).  :-)

Here's my January 24th post where I talk about handstands

The handstand pole goal is helping me toward my eventual pole goals of backbends and extended dancer

I remember way back when, I was just excited to do a headstand!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

I Am Seven

Well, I'd really like to be Six.  Did you see that movie, I Am Number Four.  Holy hell, that chick is hot!!

But today is the seventh anniversary of my gastric bypass surgery.  So, I call St. Patrick's Day my NEW-BIRTHDAY!  Call it my un-birthday!  My re-birth.  Call it whatever you want!  Conveniently, its almost six months from my real birthday so I can keep the fun going year 'round! 
Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I initially lost 165 pounds (woohoo!!) and I'm still dealing with losing weight (again) after a recent gain (BOOOO!!!!).  But I'm still down 125 pounds!  I consider myself a success story.  A struggling success story, but a success story nonetheless. 

One year ago today, I wrote this blog about my sixth new-birthday:  Read it here.  I guess not much has changed.  Another year has passed.  I'm still being lazy and trying to lose the weight I gained last year.  I've lost it before and I'll lose it again.  I'm just doing it on my terms -- S.L.O.W.L.Y.  I had my second weigh-in with Jenny.  I only lost a 0.2 pounds.  However, I did hurt my back a week and a half ago and haven't been exercising so I think that even staying the same was a win. 

I've now been blogging for a full year.  Here's a list of my gastric bypass or weight related posts.  

Me on the Weight Loss Surgery group's Facebook page:


This is a quote from my friend Heidi (can be found on my blog):

My mom thinks that every seven years we go through a major life change. Perhaps you are on the cusp of yours? There has never been any pattern to mine, like at seven I started having a better year than at eight, or fourteen, but I think it takes us so long sometimes to see what we are doing, that might be how long it takes us to re-evaluate our path. Every 7th year (for me) I try to look at where I am, what I'm doing, and make a conscious decision to work towards a goal, pay a bill, complete a project, whatever. I know that at fourteen I was the happiest I had ever been, the thinnest I had felt, I was starting High School in a city where no one knew me, it was a whole new me. At twenty, I went through a bit of depression, and decided at 21 that it was time to revamp myself. It wasn't until I was almost 28 that my mom told me about this seven-year thing. I decided I look forward to my every-seven-year re-vamp! When things start getting crappy I think, "hmmm, what will next 'season's' Heidi be?" I am always the same, but always changing. That's the greatest part about being human!!! There is always a part of us that stays the same, but we have the power to make ourselves "different" just by thinking it!!!


So here is a rundown of my seasons!

Season One:

Episode 0 (first year - 1976):  I hear I walked at nine months old. 
Episode 1 - 1977: 
Episode 2 - 1978: 
Episode 3 - 1979:  This is the year a neighbor's visiting family's dog grabbed me by the head in my neighbor's backyard and tried to shake me to death.  Ten stitches in my head.  I still remember my mom's knees giving out when I ran home and she saw all the blood.  And I remember the awesome 70's striped t-shirt I was wearing. 
Episode 4 - 1980:  Brother, Brad was born.
Episode 5 - 1981: 
Episode 6 - 1982:  Sister, Kati was born.

Season Two:

Episode 7 - 1983:
Episode 8 - 1984:  Got baptized into the Mormon church.
Episode 9 - 1985:  Brother, Mark was born.
Episode 10 - 1986: 
Episode 11 - 1987: 
Episode 12 - 1988:  My parents split.  Somewhere between this year and next, I went snow skiing with my aunt and uncle, fell and broke my collarbone.  My family said when the first aid people told me my shoulderblade might be shattered, I turned white. 
Episode 13 - 1989:  I got my period in 7th grade...somewhere between age 12 and 13.  During a school play.  At least I was wearing brown pants -- my grandpa's which I had borrowed for the play.  Not sure why I remember this.  But clearly it is noteworthy since I do remember it this many years later. 

Season Three:

Episode 14 - 1990:  I have an awesome photo from this year.  My clothes...ugh.  Who let me leave the house like that?  I loved New Kids on the Block and got to see them in concert a few times.
Episode 15 - 1991:  Stopped going to church.  Moved in with my Dad and to Discovery Bay.
Episode 16 - 1992:  Got my license.  Met my first long-term boyfriend, Mark. 
Episode 17 - 1993:  Little sister, Lindsey was born.
Episode 18 - 1994:  Little brother, Eric was born.  Graduated high school.  
Episode 19 - 1995:  Started working as a file clerk in the legal field.
Episode 20 - 1996:  Got my AA in Liberal Arts from LMC in Pittsburg.

Season Four:

Episode 21 - 1997:  Took phen fen and lost a lot of weight.  Moved out on my own -- to a townhouse in Pittsburg with Mark. 
Episode 22 - 1998:  Got my paralegal certificate from Cal State Hayward.
Episode 23 - 1999:  Mark and I split (after six years).  I stayed at the Pittsburg townhouse with roommates. 
Episode 24 - 2000:  Met the band, Sunburn, and began my love affair with live music.   
Episode 25 - 2001:  Met the band, Koi, and continued the late nights and fun.  Started working at a law firm in Alameda.
Episode 26 - 2002:  Moved to Pleasant Hill. Moved to San Ramon.
Episode 27 - 2003:  Moved to Walnut Creek.  Started working at a law firm in Walnut Creek. 

Season Five:

Episode 28 - 2004:  Had gastric bypass surgery.  Met Russ.  Bought my condo and moved to Concord.
Episode 29 - 2005:  Left larger firm to work for my boss at his own firm.
Episode 30 - 2006:  Had plastic surgeries.
Episode 31 - 2007:  Decided it was time to get back into shape.  Joined group training at Bally and met awesome people like AJ and John.
Episode 32 - 2008:  Office went virtual -- got to work from home for a year.  Russ and I split (after 4-1/2 years).
Episode 33 - 2009:  Met Rob.  Moved to Clayton.  Started commuting to Alameda four days a week for work.
Episode 34 - 2010:  Rob and I moved in together -- in Walnut Creek.

Season Six:

Episode 35 - 2011:  (I turn 35 on August 31, 2011.)

So what will my next season hold?  Not sure but I'm ready for it!

Here's to another successful year...losing the 30 pounds, yet learning to be happy with me, no matter what I weigh...and not letting other people's drama take over my life.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Buff chicks are cool

So almost exactly a year ago, I wrote about how important cardio is for losing weight.  However, I already knew then, and still know now, that lifting weights is also very important for losing weight.  Cardio is important because it strengthens your heart, but lifting weights turns your fat into muscle, thereby actually helping your body turn into a fat burning machine. 

However, I haven't spent a lot of time lifting weights this year.  I have increased my yoga, which is still great for building strength, but today I am re-committing to lifting weights along with my other workouts.  I know women especially get nervous about strength training.  They don't want to look super buff and weird like that Chyna-doll wrestling chick.  But the truth is...without steriods and 8 hour days in the gym, we won't look anything like that. I know for myself, I lean out when I lift weight.  I don't get crazy buff...well, other than the fact that my traps are starting to look like a dude's with the handstands I've been doing.  Hmm.... 

Check out this Livestrong article about women lifting weights to lose weight

Another article from

The long and short of it...women need to lift weight to  maintain strength, especially once we get into our 40's and beyond.  So, in addition to the two to three days of yoga that I am doing, I am going to add two days of 20-minute weight lifting sessions into my workouts. 

I had my first weigh-in with Jenny on Monday.  I lost a pound and a half.  I'm sure that might not be impressive to most people but this is a PMS week and I almost NEVER lose weight on a PMS week.  :-D

Until next time...keep lifting!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Unconditional Love

Sometimes, when you've had a really bad day, you can't wait to see him.  You hold it in until you're there -- then you run to him and bury your face in his neck and let it all out.  You cry.  And you cry.  And you cry.  He doesn't say anything because he doesn't have to.  He just comforts you by being there. 

I miss him every day.  He's not gone.  Just somewhere else.  I saw him recently.  It was like no time had passed, yet it wasn't the same.  He had changed.  He wasn't mine anymore.  He was still beautiful and majestic.  Powerful.  Happy. 

I only owned Tank for a few years.  He was the worst behaved horse I'd ever met in my life.  But I loved horseback riding and I loved him.  I still do.  I missed riding when I was fat.  Of course, as soon as I was thin, I went and bought a horse that was so tall, I almost couldn't get on him without help (putting me back in the position of feeling "fat" again).  But he never judged me.  He was an asshole horse every day.  Really, he wanted to be a dog -- to curl up in your lap while you brushed him and gave him treats.  However, at 2,000 pounds, he would crush me to death if he tried.  But when I had a shitty day, I knew I could sit with him and eat carrots and stare at the sky.  I didn't have to explain anything.  He would look at me with his giant eyes and rub his soft nose on me.   

Tank has arthritis and between boarding, medication and vet bills, I had to let him go around the same time I lost my condo.  Riding was a great outlet for me, and I haven't quite found anything that fully replaces it.  I probably never will.  Time.  Money.  Life.  Everything gets in the way.  I just hope for the day I can afford it again and I appreciate that Sam is taking such great care of Tank and that Tank is so healthy and happy.

Monday, March 7, 2011

The law of diminishing returns

The "real" law of diminishing returns refers to economics.  If you're super bored, you can read about it on Wikipedia.  However, today I am referring to FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD

When I was extremely overweight, if I went to fast food, I would get the biggest of everything -- huge burger, extra large fries and drink.  Maybe even a dessert.  But are you really THAT much happier and more satisfied if you get that much food??

Now that I've lost so much weight, I still eat fast food on occasion, but my meal now consists of a small burger and fries -- no drink (99% of the time...damn that rootbeer for calling to me on occasion).  I still enjoy my experience (I mean, as much as a fast food experience can be enjoyed). 

Let's take Burger King for example.  A triple Whopper with cheese and bacon has 1,230 calories and 82 grams of fat.  A large french fry has 540 calories and 27 grams of fat.  A large Sprite has 380 calories. 

Holy shit.  In one meal, you'd have eaten 2,150 calories -- in just one meal.  And how would you feel?  Overly full, I imagine.

Now, if I go to Burger King, I get a Whopper Jr. with cheese and no mayonnaise (not trying to save calories, just don't like mayo).  That's 310 calories and 14 grams of fat.  Then I usually get a small/value fries, so add 220 calories and 11 grams of fat.  The total is 530 calories. 

Way more reasonable.

I'm not saying people should be eating fast food often but sometimes its a necessary evil and at least you can be smart about what you're eating when you do have to eat there.  I try to keep my calories at 1,800 on a non-workout day and 2,200 on a workout day.  I usually lose weight on that "schedule."  So, eating that triple Whopper meal would really mess up my plan if I attempted to eat that (not that my stomach would even allow me to have that much food at once...some days I can't even finish a Whopper Jr.). 

Anyway, next time you're facing the drive-thru...ask yourself if you REALLY need so much food and whether it will actually make you happy in the end. 

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Made it into the testimonials again!  GO TWIRLY GIRLS!  And THANK YOU, PoleSkivvies!!!

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Friday, March 4, 2011

Yer Mom

So when I got into blogging a little over a year ago [see my very first post from 1/29/2010 here], I think I thought I might be able to find fame and fortune through writing blogs?  Perez Hilton did it, didn't he? 

Apparently everyone and their friggin' MOM is a blogger!  Pick a topic and there are probably thousands of bloggers out there duking it out to talk about their opinion on said topic. 

So I guess I am not going to get famous doing this, but I'm still having fun.  Thank you to my 41 faithful public followers.  You already know I'm not going to cure cancer or anything.  Maybe I need to release a sex tape to get famous?

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Next Pole Goal: Dancer

I'm still working on my other pole goals but I have another one in mind.  This one is probably years away.  I call it Extended Dancer.  You know the pose in yoga where you grab your leg and try to pull it over your head?  Yeah, that one.  Anyway, there isn't much to say about it because I am so far away from it.  But I hope to be able to do something close to it someday.

 Jealous of Gina
 My sad attempt
From John Friend's website