Friday, March 18, 2011

Updated Pole Goal: Handstand

So I've been working on my handstands.  Mostly trying to hook my leg and then bend my spine away from the pole so that my shoulders aren't touching.  Next I need to start working on doing headstands and handstands without a pole or wall near me.  I have gotten spoiled with the pole because I can kick up, hook my leg and pull myself in.  When Heather was in town recently, I tried to do a handstand against a wall in the hotel and needed help getting up there.  But still, I have made progress and I'm really excited about it!  Here are some photos (and old blog posts about my other goals).  :-)

Here's my January 24th post where I talk about handstands

The handstand pole goal is helping me toward my eventual pole goals of backbends and extended dancer

I remember way back when, I was just excited to do a headstand!

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