Monday, October 3, 2011

Vertical Art & Fitness Magazine...and ME!

When I went down to So. Cal. for the California Pole Dance Championship, I met Claire from The Pole Story in person.  It turns out, she is now the editor-in-chief for Vertical Art & Fitness Magazine.  Claire mentioned that they were looking for writers for their upcoming issues and has included me in her e-mail for the December/January issue!  I am really excited to try my hand at "REAL" writing. 

 Please join their FACEBOOK PAGE or TWITTER FEED so you can find out if I make it in!

I love when worlds collide too...Check out page 26 of the July/August issue for an article about Natasha Wang!  Or page 33 for a piece on Amy Guion!  Head to page 36 for a lovely article from Collette Kakuk about the healing power of pole.  You can find an article from Claire on page 42, and performance tips from Felix Cane on page 52

I am really excited to hopefully join the Vertical family!  Make sure you join them on Facebook or Twitter to follow my new adventure! 

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