Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Confessions of a Twirly Girl Turns Two!

Happy bloggerversary to me.  A little over two years ago, I wrote my very first blog.  Ever.  Confessions of a Twirly Girl has given me an amazing outlet.  Enter the Twirling Viking Warrior.  Also known as lolorashel.  And a monster was born.  :-)

Here's my very first post from January 29, 2010:

Here's my first anniversary post:

I am now up to 73 "followers" on Blogger.  However, I have 2,000 Facebook friends and over 1,200 followers on Twitter.  I am on tumblr and pinterest.  Between all of the cross-posts, I have had over 60,000 hits on my blog.  I average 300 hits per day.  I apparently also have Klout (today my score was up to 62...whatever that actually means).  I am writing for Twirly Girls and a couple of other shall-remain-unnamed studios.  I am also writing for The Pole Dancing Shop.  I have written various guest blogs for other websites.  I am working with Social Sonar and I am their main blogger on social media topics.  I will soon have published articles in Vertical Art and Fitness Magazine

I swore that I was going to brand myself, and it certainly seems to be happening.  Projects for other companies have morphed into starting Lorita Productions so that Rita, Andrew and I (GO TEAM HONEY BADGER) can work as a team to produce videos and photos for the pole community. 

I am not only blogging about pole dancing but I am now teaching two classes at week at Twirly Girls.  I still have my day job, but I am otherwise immersed in pole.  I have met some really awesome people and have checked out some fun studios and events.  I feel very lucky to have the opportunities being presented to me now.  And I owe it all to Bel, Twirly Girls and this blog. 

I have learned a lot in the last two years.  About pole dancing.  About people.  About blogging in general.  Although its very exciting to have a blog that receives 200-600 hits per day...writing provides me with a much-needed outlet, which I would still receive if no one was reading anything I wrote.  However, it is so satisfying to meet people at events or receive e-mails from people who hear my voice and feel their own story is being told as well.  It is fun to talk to pole-celebrities, but I am very much interested in the everyday pole dancers who are like me. 

So thank you to everyone who has made my blog a success.  I look forward to some traveling so I can meet even more pole friends.  Please let me know where you are so I can add you to my map of planned pole travels!


  1. So many doors are opening for you....Exciting times ahead...and you have done it all!!!!!

  2. Yay!!! Happy Blog-Aversary! I am so happy that I came across this blog!! Thank you for continuing to write about pole and tracking your progress!! Its good to see where your life is heading! Your journeys are so inspiring, keep up the good work! ;-)

  3. Bel, I have a great team surrounding me so everyone deserves credit! :-)

    Thank you, Jaime!!! I am so glad you are enjoying my crazy posts! :-D