Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pole Candy: Linna Tan from Bobbi's Pole Studio - Singapore

In my continued adventures to discover the history of pole dance studios around the world, I recently interviewed Bobbi and Ness of Bobbi's Pole Studio Australia.  They have studios located in Singapore and Malaysia.  We also met Maple from Bobbi'sPole Studio Malaysia.  Today we meet Linna of Bobbi's Pole StudioSingapore.

Do you have a non-pole dance background?

I started as a salsa dancer and instructor before I discovered pole.

When did you first start pole dancing?

I discovered pole about 7 years ago but I will say that I really started pole dancing when I met Bobbi which is about 4 years ago.

What brought you to Australia to train with Bobbi's Pole Studio?

When I started watching pole dance YouTube videos, the only person I could not take my eyes off was Bobbi and Bobbi's teachers.  So naturally, when I wanted to pole-dance like the best in the world, I traveled to train with the best in the world :)

When did you open Bobbi's Pole Studio in Singapore?

March 2010

Do you participate in competitions?  Do you have any titles?

No, I don't participate in competitions because most of the them, I'm organizing them.

What kind of fitness routine do you follow on and off the pole?

Pole-dancing is my fitness routine, it encompasses everything from weight training to cardio, what more do I need? :)

Do you prefer to dance barefoot or in shoes?

Definitely in heels!

What do you use to help you stick to the pole?

Shaving gel and Dry Hands

What trick is your nemesis?

Hmm.. So many... Probably Ayesha with body away from the pole, fell once and could not get over my fear since then..

Tell us something people would be surprised to hear?

Oh dear.. I'm quite boring & typical.. Mmm..  I used to be a Wedding Planner before I became a dance instructor?  I used to plan the Hen's Parties, now I host them :)

What does 2012 hold for you?

Organising the first-ever Miss Pole Dance Southeast Asia 2012!  We also have many other exciting events lined up for the year so looking forward to a very fruitful and exciting year for Bobbi's Singapore :)

Thank you so much for being part of my blog.  If you ever make it to the states, please let me know.  And if I make it to Singapore, I will definitely come find you.  :-)  I would love to meet!

Thanks so much for the opportunity to be part of your blog, Lori.  If I ever make it to your part of the world, I will most definitely look you up and please make sure you do the same :)

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