Thursday, October 17, 2013

If you have NEVER pole this blog

Although this month's blog hop is about the sanitization of pole, I am not going to enter this into the hop.  But if you want to read other blogs on the same subject, click HERE

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A conversation in the Pole Dancing Bloggers group about International Pole Sports Federation's anti-doping policy for the World Pole Sports Championships (which is a requirement for pole to one day be considered for the Olympics) motivated me to write this post.  Whether we call it pole dance, pole fitness, pole erotic, pole artistic, pole exotic, pole sport, pole entertainment, circus acts, aerial arts, or anything else, aren't we still dancing on a pole?  At the same time, is it wrong that those who want to get pole sport into the Olympics need to distance themselves from those who dance in 8 inch heels?  Likewise, is it wrong for those who dance in heels to be offended by that distance?  Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

Anyway, if you have NEVER pole danced before...but have thought about trying...what draws you to it?  Is it the sexy side?  The dance -- whether you love ballet, jazz, hip hop or modern dance?  The athleticism?

And if you haven't tried pole dance, but REALLY WANT TO, what is holding you back?  

Just curious!  Please leave comments below. 

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