Friday, March 28, 2014

West Coast Curves at NCPP

It's hard to say exactly how I heard about Roz the Diva. As soon as I started pole dancing, I started rabidly searching Facebook and the internet for other pole dancers. This was long before we had the close-knit community of pole dancers from around the world at our Facebook finger tips.  I did my first interview with Roz on this blog in 2011.  You can read that HERE

I first met her in person at Pole Convention 2012. I was actually at the AERA show and saw her in the crowd. It was like we had known each other for years. When she performed at Convention, I was blown away by her performance. It was full of "did she just do that?!" moments and it is still one of my favorite pole performances to date. You can watch that video HERE.

Roz held her first Dangerous Curves competition in 2012. She gathered plus-sized athletes from the East Coast and gave them a stage. In early 2013, we started talking about bringing it to the West Coast. Roz came to the West Coast again in 2013 to visit Twirly Girls for some workshops and attended Pole Expo, but we didn't have a chance to put that comeptition together. Dangerous Curves II was held in 2013, again in New York.

Well, my friends, after two years of yapping about it, The Diva and I have finally found a home for Dangerous Curves on the West Coast. May I introduce you to West Coast Curves at NCPP. I figured since we were going to be spending all this effort on a venue and rigging for Northern California Pole Presentational, it was time to make Dangerous Curves happen too.

And so it began.

We are so excited to bring West Coast Curves at NCPP to San Jose Stage Company on August 23, 2014. If you are a plus-sized pole athlete and would like to apply to the comeptition, please click HERE.

"West Coast Curves (WCC) is newest installment of Dangerous Curves (DC), the wildly popular competition series for plus size pole dancers. This particular event will feature up to ten (10) competitors to impress a panel of judges that will decide on the top four (4) finishers. From there, the crowd will determine which dancer has earned a guaranteed spot in the Dangerous Curves Grand Finale in NYC (fall 2014) [travel not included]. The Diva will also select a second person to go to NY for the finale!"

And how is plus-sized defined?

"There is no hard and fast definition of "plus size," but women who wear a size 12+ and men who wear a size XL+ are usually considered plus size. If you fall outside of that criteria but still identify as a plus size pole dancer, you are still welcome to enter."

If you are wondering WHY we are having two separate events, it is for two reasons.  (A) I respect Roz and her brand, Dangerous Curves. I respect that plus-sized bodies are built differently than "straight"-sized bodies, and may be unable to perform ALL the moves those bodies can perform (although if you've watched Roz dance, there don't seem to be many moves she can't do). Having a platform with a more even playing field seems like a no-brainer. That being said, I don't really believe that every single comeptition or event needs a plus-sized category. I feel like Roz has spent a lot of time building the DC brand, so I am happy to bring that brand to us rather than start from scratch and compete with her. (B) NCPP is not a competition. It is a showcase, offering three different skill levels, with optional feedback. So if plus-sized dancers are looking to COMPETE, WCC is the event for them. If they just want feedback on their moves, then NCPP is the event for them. If they want both options, they are welcome to apply to both!  It's that simple.

I am really excited about this endeavor. I admire Roz, not only as a pole dancer but as a woman who busts her ass every day to make it in this crazy world. I feel very fortunate to have met her and cannot wait to see her again in August. I believe I may be able to talk her into walking the WCC stage in our almost-matching bikinis.

So, again, if you want to apply to WCC, please click HERE.  You can ALSO apply to NCPP (solos (three levels), duos and groups welcome)...and to do that, click HERE. (We already have one dancer doing both events!) If you want an explanation as to why we must charge fees and/or why we are doing NCPP to begin with, please click HERE.

In addition, if you are interested in SPONSORING WCC (hello there, my local plus-size loving companies), or NCPP (I'll be blogging about this later with what we are looking for), or if you are interested in buying tickets to attend these events, please e-mail us through the website.  Roz is also available to teach workshops while she is here in August. If you are interested in booking a workshop with her (I LOOOOVE her SWAG workshop), then please e-mail us through the website (link above) and I will put you in touch with her.

Thank you again to Roz for allowing Ellen and I to partner with her on this endeavor.  See you all in August! 

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