Wednesday, July 16, 2014

July 2014 Blog Hop: Mid-Year Review

It is time for the blog hop again and we are doing a check-in!  How is 2014 going for you?

My year has been fantastic!

I got a new job, have started gaining strength, and Rob is also working.  I am out of my dark place.

When I wrote about my intentions in January, I set four goals:

Flexibility:  I am hitting up yoga 3-4 days a week.  I still feel very inflexible but I can still tell the difference now that I am doing yoga so often.  I love how I feel!!  I feel strong. 

Deal with foot issues:  My feet hurt on occasion, but for the most part, I think my surgery foot is all healed up!  If I walk A TON, it will definitely be sore, but it no longer hurts.  It is such a relief.

Do more, do less.  Weeeeellllllll....I might need to work on this a bit.  I am doing too much and I'm exhausted.  But I feel like it is all stuff I need to do.  I have to work.  I have to work out.  I have to do NCPP stuff.  I have to foster friendships by spending time with people.  Sooooo....what do you cut out?

Be healthy.  I am on a journey and I am doing really well.  Ellen is literally saving my life.  You can read my latest post on that HERE.

 Anyway, there's my quick check-in.  Now you can check out a photo journal of the past six months.  I like to say that I'll sleep when I'm dead.  If I had more money, my adventures might be more grand.  But for what I have, I feel like my life is pretty fun. 

January: Volare Variety
February: Cowboy Wild's show at 1220

February: Yoga in Lake Tahoe
March: Volare Variety

March: Twirly Girls

March: Hey look, I'm doing yogini!  hahaha!
April: Twirly Girls

April: Stiletto Night at Twirly Girls

April: Fun night at Diablo Gym

April: Lovely Rita Fundraiser

April: Twirly Girls
May: Playing Candy from Chunky Girl Comics

May: Dressed up as Snow White

May: Twirly Girls
June: Twirly Girls

June: From Liquidpulp photoshoot

June: Horseback riding on the beach

June: AIDS Walk Fundraiser...Bitches be like...

June: Twirly Girls
July: Fly Gym at Twirly Girls

July: New hair!

June: Twirly Girls
I am looking forward to the next half of the year!  Tell me how you're doing with your goals!

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  1. I could not imagine your adventures being more grand--I am already in awe at the variety and richness in your life. I am so glad your foot is doing better, the closest experience I have had (glass in my foot) surprised me with how much it affected my daily life. Congrats on your year so far, hopefully it only gets better!