Thursday, January 24, 2013


Time for a Pole Goals update.  This month, for the blog hop, I listed realistic pole goals that I can actually attain in the near future. 

I am already on track for my weekly class to learn and recently found out that the amazing Sean Michael will be teaching it!  That will help me with my second goal, which is to continue working on flow and technique as well.  And may also inadvertently help me with tricks since Sean Michael is great at tricks.  My third goal was exercise and I just joined a brand new 24 Hour Fitness within walking disance of my house.  So those goals are coming along.

As for my long-term pole goals, you can read up on some of those adventures HERE.  I feel like I'm essentially starting at square one with all of these.  So here are some photos to mark the beginning of my journey. 

Handstands/Bow and Arrow from a Handstand

Sure, I can do handstands.  But I need some serious work on my core so I can lift into them more gently.  I also need to work on flexibility of my hips and back to help with splits and bow and arrow.

These photos are from Twirly Girls just a week or so ago.


I don't even have any good photos.  My splits are definitely worse than they used to be.  Losing my yoga class really hurt me in a ton of different ways.  I have a new yoga place that I really like but money is always a factor, as is time.  Plus, I was out of the game for over a year and I lost a lot of flexibility.  I really wish I could afford to go three times a week so I could catch up faster. 

You can see my old splits pics HERE.

Interesting article:

Dancer/Backbends/General Flexibility

I just don't have a flexible backIt's one of the things I'm working on, but I don't know if I will ever be flexible in that way.  I know it looks like I'm just making myself into a table top in a couple of these photos but that really is me thinking I'm doing a backbend. 



downward dog

look, I'm a table!

arched back


I am still not a strong climber.  I really just need to get up there and do it.  I just find that if I don't get the climb the first time, I get upset and sweaty, which makes it harder to climb.  But the more I do it, the easier it will become.  Something else to work on.

points for climbing in stockings

Inverson/Inverted Crucifix

I have been making this goal since I started pole dancing.  I am still just as far away.  It's a core/mind-f$%* issue.  I see girls my size or bigger doing them, so I know I can do it.  Even if I can't invert, I feel like I should be able to back into a handstand and inverted crucifix.  My legs just don't stick.  I don't know if that's a real issue or a brain issue.  It's still a goal.  The first pic is from May 2012, with two people making sure I didn't slide.  I can go up backwards (in other words, directly from a handstand, not from an inversion, then coming down into a handstand) but I can't let go.

Cross-Knee or Cross-Ankle Release

Besides my other obvious strength and brain issues, this one is going to be interesting.  My friend pointed out when I do certain moves, I don't lock my ankles properly.  And I'm not sure if my legs have the flexiblity to lock right!  So this one may be a long time coming. 

Lying Lady/Plank

I posted THIS about wanting to look like Lo when I do Lying Lady or Plank.  Yeah the upside down (almost) thing still alludes me.  So this is another work in progress.

Half Iguana Mount

I am not strong enough to hold my whole body weight but I should be able to master half iguana mount.  I feel like it will be a good way for me to also start working on goals such as being able to pull myself up into a sit from a handstand.  As long as I am in yoga, I seem to have the shoulder flexibility for it.  I just need to work on that core strength.

Handstand/Iguana Mount into leg wrap and then sitting up to the pole

Someday this will happen.  Some day.  It will let me do all kinds of cool things. 


I had stockings on for my pole goal pics (not recommended) so Superman wasn't even a possibility.  I did do it from the floor once.  Bruised myself really pretty as well! 

Fan kick to a pole sit

This is another flexibility issue.  I also kicked the pole once and bruised the shit out of my toe.  Owie.  But it's so pretty and I want to master it!!!!

Jasmine (Marley...or whatever other name you want to insert here)

Poorly done since I don't want to kick out the top arm or bottom leg but here's my start.  I also am getting into it from the floor, not from an invert.  The first picture is from August 2012.  The other one is from last week.  In stockings again.  Dumbo. 

Iron X

Sure, I should be worried about inverting first.  Maybe doing some Ayshas or pencils, or other moves.  But I feel like I should go big or go home.  It's going to happen.

I believe this is Rafaela from Brazil

Long term goal of becoming certified

I talked about becoming x-pert certified HERE.  I had wanted to get certified this year, but money and time may be an issue.  Also, some of my favorite pole stars recently separated from x-pert.  So I am kind of waiting to see where they are going before I decide where to become certified.  I also want to be a little stronger before I go.  I don't want to waste money if I can't do 75% of the moves.


One last goal is to understand (truly) split grip versus twisted grips (and maybe I'm using the wrong words here).  I mean, I understand the hand placement and realize there is some benefit to using twisted grips.  But I also hear it torques your body in a bad way.  Can I monkey wrench my way into some of these moves before I'm ready?  I don't need anymore injuries thought (tennis elbow on left arm, healing hyper-extended knee on left leg, left hip issues leads to lower back issues, bone spur in right heel, along with plantar fasciitis, and on and on).  So I want to do some research so I "get" it fully.  If anyone has any ideas, I'd love help!

And I'd also like to hear about your pole goals and how you are reaching them.


  1. For me my biggest goal is getting my Gemini I want it so bad I think its so pretty... I actually have been working on my splits you can see my start here And I want to get less kick into my invert... You can see my inverts as is here

    and I think it would be cool to do a hand and head stand lol!

    1. I bet you can do hand and head stands!!! I laugh when people who can invert say they can't. :-P Then they laugh at me because I say I can't invert.

  2. You can see my goals here:

    Since I just started dancing in November, so most of my goals are pretty simple I think the biggest ones being to get a full climb on both sides and an invert. I have the idea and everything for my climb just need to wait for my strength to catch up with me.

    1. Great list of goals! You will be able to hit those!! :-)

  3. love your look in the most recent photos, Dark red hair and stockings look hot! I'm no expert but from what i hear, twisted grip can cause a lot of wrist, tendinitis type injuries so some polers advise against moves that use them. I have decided to avoid them simply as i have had repetitive stress injuries in the past and do not want to aggravate them again. I believe Aerial Amy has written about twisted grip in the past.
    Your hand stand looks solid though, any tips on how to get into it against the pole? I always psych myself out if I'm not doing them against a wall.
    for your inverted crucifix maybe try a grip aid on your legs to help give you the security to let go easier? I know i used Dew Point to help me feel more secure when i first tried it.

    1. I actually feel more secure hand-standing against the pole because if I don't quite kick up hard enough, I just swoop in with my foot and pull myself in! I can't do it against a wall because it scares me!! Don't ask me why. lol I have been using iTac to help me stick myself on moves like crucifix but that shit causes bruises!

  4. Girl, that is a large list of goals! I'm glad to know they aren't all "must have immediately" types of goals. Kiki's right, Aerial Amy has posted about the TG and why it's dangerous. and

    1. Thanks for the links!! I knew she had written about them. Yeah I have a lot of long term goals that may never materialize. I am defintely feeling tired and lazy and so I am holding myself back. Sucks but I don't know how to motivate myself.