Friday, December 30, 2011

My Top Ten Pole Dancing Posts from 2011

I've been trying to choose my top ten blog posts (from my own blog) for 2011.  It was so hard because I talked to a lot of amazing people this year.  I had a hard time picking only ten so I decided to choose posts to represent different categories.

Pioneer of Pole

Without those who paved the way, the rest of us wouldn't be pole dancing right now!

Men on the Pole

I love my pole sisters but watching men on the pole is a bit fun as well!

Speaking of pole sisters...

Here's one for the curvy dancers!

The debate surrounding pole dancing and being sexy


Making friends


Natasha Wang

I feel like I had so many other awesome posts but if I had to cut it down to ten, these ten are pretty awesome.  Please feel free to search around for other posts that might be of interest to you.  Categories include Pro Spotlight, Studio Spotlight, Power of Pole, Men on the Pole, Poletry in Motion, Star Spotlight, and Pole Goals.

Here are my top ten most viewed posts:

2011 has been pretty awesome and I'm looking forward to 2012 being even more so!

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